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'Only Bosso can stop Highlanders'

by Staff reporter
12 Aug 2023 at 07:50hrs | Views
A belief has taken root among football people in Zimbabwe that Highlanders FC, with unwavering determination and a trailblazing record, are poised to emerge as champions in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League. This conviction finds its roots embedded in the league standings, a testament to the unstoppable force that is Bosso.

A glance at the statistics tells a remarkable tale: 18 games played and not a single defeat in sight for the Bosso juggernaut. With Portuguese maestro Baltemar Brito at the helm, the question reverberates across the minds of football enthusiasts: can anyone halt this relentless Highlanders train? Presently, a seven-point lead positions Highlanders FC atop the league table.

While the chasing pack falters in their consistency, the trajectory for Highlanders appears resolutely positive.

The team exudes a championship aura, a blend of confident players and passionate fans creating an energy that seems indomitable. The parallels drawn to their last league triumph in 2006 are uncanny.

Back then, Highlanders blazed a triumphant trail, remaining unbeaten in their opening 12 games and securing victory in an impressive 10 consecutive matches. Memories of their championship-winning exploits between 1998 and 2002 are rekindled, evoking a sense of nostalgia that echoes through time.

Even history's pages recall a remarkable unbeaten streak in 2012, spanning 23 games under Kelvin Kaindu's guidance. Yet, the league title still slipped through their fingers. Today, the club legend, Zenzo Moyo, asserts that the present Bosso ensemble is unstoppable.

His conviction, echoing the sentiments of many, declares that only Highlanders can cause their failure to lift the league cup.

"With the attitude of the players and that of fans l can safely say the only team that can beat Highlanders at this moment is Highlanders. The energy surrounding the team right now is that of champions and I do not see anyone stopping this team from achieving great things," said Moyo.

Former Bosso player Noel Cele, a discerning observer, adds his voice to the chorus of optimism.

"I don't think the teams in the league are strong enough. They are all failing to score which to me is a concern. The advantage Highlanders has right now is that they have a strong defence which could win them the title as they have been managing to grind results home and away. Their football is not marvellous but you can see the boys have unity of purpose and that could win them the title," said Cele.

While their style might not be the most dazzling, they are getting the desired results. Renowned Zimbabwean football legend, Moses Razor Man Chunga, confidently asserts that Bosso is firmly on course for glory. Chunga says other teams are found wanting hence Bosso's upward trajectory.

"They are getting the job done. My fear is I watched them some time against Cranborne Bullets, they were not convincing.

"They were lucky to get a point but that happens in football. You need the luck. I think other teams are not coming to the party. In my view, the standards have gone down a bit. We need to work," said Chunga.

However, a note of caution is offered by those who have treaded the path before. Blessing Gumiso, a former Highlanders firebrand defender underscores the importance of humility and continuous focus.

"This is a class of champions. They remind me of how we used to do it when we campaigned for the title. I want to say to the boys, keep working hard, believe in yourselves and keep making the supporters happy.

"So, I want to advise the players to avoid being over-confident. This is a marathon and as such don't look back. Remain focused, forget about the games you have won and the undefeated run. Each and every game should be a new game," Gumiso said.

Source - The Chronicle