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Mnangagwa congratulates Chief Mtshane

by Staff reporter
15 Aug 2023 at 06:31hrs | Views
President Mnangagwa has congratulated Matebeleland North traditional leader Chief Mtshane Khumalo on his election last Thursday as president of the National Chiefs Council, the first time a chief from western Zimbabwe has taken the top post, with this being done with the unanimous consent of all members of the council.

Chief Mtshane Khumalo was elected unopposed during an election for the president and vice president, taking over from Masvingo traditional leader, Chief Fortune Charumbira, who was elected to the post of vice president of the Chiefs Council, so automatically continues in the Senate and is thus able to retain the presidency of the Pan-African Parliament, who has to be a sitting legislator in a national parliament

President Mnangagwa made the congratulatory remarks on Sunday at Defe Dopota, in Gokwe where he addressed 200 000 congregants of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) who were commemorating the death of the church's founding father, Bishop Samuel Mutendi.

His son, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, is now leading the church which draws followers from across the country, and abroad.

Both Chief Mtshane Khumalo, Chief Charumbira and other traditional leaders, attended the ZCC annual conference.

 "I want to congratulate Chief Mtshane Khumalo for being elected as president of the Chiefs Council in the last few days. I want to say congratulations," said President Mnangagwa.

"We also have a former president of the Chiefs Council, Chief Charumbira. He is also president of the Pan-African Parliament.

"For him to win that presidency I talked to all my fellow African presidents where I implored them to accept Chief Charumbira as the president of PAP. They listened to me and he was duly elected."

President Mnangagwa said the post was wanted by several people but African presidents listened to his request to have Chief Charumbira elected.

Chief Mtshane Khumalo and Chief Charumbira were elected during an incident-free event presided over by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission as is in accordance with the Constitution and the Electoral Act.

Both of them were elected unopposed as there were no other nominations at the close of nomination.

Their election means they will become Members of Parliament as Senators, the first to be elected out of 18 seats that traditional leaders have been conferred with by the Constitution.

The election for the other 16 seats, two from each non-metropolitan province, will be held on August 25.

In separate interviews recently, chiefs from Matebeleland said the elevation of Chief Mtshane Khumalo was a demonstration of the Second Republic's inclusiveness and commitment to leaving no one and no place behind on national developmental issues.

Chief Shana from Hwange, one of the longest-serving chiefs in the region, said the inclusivity being advocated by the Second Republic has now come full circle and confirms that traditional leaders know no boundaries.

"We have always been saying time and again that the presidency of the Chiefs Council must sort of rotate because as chiefs we are not politicians and what has happened is really a confirmation that we are one people whose destiny is not determined by political borders.

"The coming of the presidency to this region as has happened is an exciting development for us here, and indeed, the country as a whole," said Chief Shana.

Chief Masendu from Mangwe District said the development shows the unity and tolerance that exist within traditional leaders.

He added that it was also a milestone noting that there has never been a president coming from the Matebeleland region.

"The inclusiveness being preached and practiced by the Second Republic, as led by President Mnangagwa through his philosophy of no one and no place will be left behind is manifesting even among the traditional leadership in this country," he said.

"If you check, we are only two provinces but all the provinces came behind Chief Mtshane Khumalo. As chiefs from Matebeleland, we value this development and the confidence that has been placed in Chief Mtshane Khumalo. I have no doubt that he will be up to the task and I would like to congratulate him on his new post."

Chief Sitaudze from Beitbridge, who is a member of the National Chiefs Council, said Chief Mtshane Khumalo has great experience in leading the council as he has served as the deputy president for two terms.

He said that experience would be crucial in strengthening the Chiefs' institution, adding that Chief Khumalo's leadership will help nurture young chiefs who have just joined the Chiefs Council.

"The wisdom and experience, which Chief Mtshane Khumalo has will act as a beacon, especially for young chiefs like myself who have just joined the Chiefs Council.

"We will learn a lot from him and this will help to build us into becoming better chiefs in the future," said Chief Sitaudze.

Source - NewZimbabwe