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Zimbabweans should refuse to be hoodwinked by enemies of development

by Staff reporter
05 Sep 2023 at 06:17hrs | Views
ZIMBABWE yesterday opened a new chapter following the swearing in of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for his second term as the President of Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa won the presidential election after polling 2 350 711 votes (52,6 percent) beating his nearest challenger, Citizens Coalition for Change leader Mr Nelson Chamisa who got 1 967 343 (44 percent).

The swearing in of Mnangagwa is a confirmation that the elections are now behind us and we are back to business of building our country. This is the time for Zimbabweans to close ranks and resist the machinations of our detractors who have been on an overdrive to sow seeds of discord among us since the announcement of the election results.

A lot of falsehoods are being peddled by locals and Zimbabweans in the diaspora who are not happy that the country is enjoying peace and tranquility.
Government under the Second Republic has implemented a number of life- changing projects across the country and this has endeared the ruling party Zanu-PF to the people hence Mnangagwa has been given the mandate to continue with his development programmes, much to the chagrin of the country's enemies.

Zimbabweans should refuse to be hoodwinked by these enemies of development who relish in their suffering. Instead of celebrating the many achievements of the Second Republic, these uncouth individuals are always peddling falsehoods meant to tarnish Government image.

President Mnangagwa has said now is the time to put shoulder to the wheel as we build the Zimbabwe we all want.
Following the commissioning of the US$1,4 billion Hwange Thermal Power Station Unit 7 and 8 expansion project, Zimbabwe is now meeting its daily electricty demand hence industry is guaranteed adequate power supply going forward.

It is such milestones registered by the Second Republic that have unsettled the enemy who wanted to use the people's suffering to destablise the country.

We have elements working to divide the people and these must be weeded out from our midst as we work to grow our economy to improve the citizens' livelihoods.

The programme to turn around the economy is at an advanced stage and all that is needed is to build on the momentum.
Zimbabwe is a member of the global village and what is encouraging is that many international organisations and individual countries have pledged to continue working with the new dispensation despite the falsehoods being peddled through social media by the country's detractors.

President Mnangagwa has said corruption, incompetency, dereliction of duty, laziness, social and cultural decadency should not be tolerated as we work to exploit our resources for the benefit of all citizens.

Each and every Zimbabwean should play his or her role in growing the economy and making Zimbabwe a better place to live.
Zimbabwe is endowed with both natural resources and human skills that are sought after the world over and what is needed is just commitment and shared vision.

It is Zimbabweans who should take the lead in investing in the different sectors of the economy. Foreign investment while very welcome, should just come in to complement local investment.

Source - The Chronicle