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Mnangagwa survived assassination attempts 3 times

by Staff reporter
17 Sep 2023 at 07:52hrs | Views
President Mnangagwa has narrowly escaped death on three occasions during his lifetime, including surviving an assassination attempt by poisoning in Gwanda six years ago and evading the death sentence on a technicality before Zimbabwe's independence. He recounted these life-threatening experiences during his 81st birthday celebrations at State House.

The President explained how he joined the liberation movement in Zambia, underwent military training in Egypt, and faced imprisonment for his involvement in nationalist activities. His life journey has been marked by challenges and sacrifice, but he emphasized that he survived these hardships due to God's grace.

President Mnangagwa expressed his gratitude to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga for saving his life during the 2017 poisoning incident in Gwanda. He highlighted his life's trials and tribulations, including his time in prison and the sacrifices made during the struggle for Zimbabwe's independence.

The President also shared a humorous anecdote about his name, revealing that he used two different names, Dambudzo and Emmerson, at home and school, respectively. He eventually abandoned the name Dambudzo for Emmerson without informing his parents.

The birthday celebration was organized by First Lady Dr. Auxillia Mnangagwa and attended by various dignitaries, including Vice Presidents, Cabinet Ministers, traditional chiefs, diplomats, and religious leaders. The event featured a combination of Western and traditional dishes, emphasizing the importance of nutritious and medicinal traditional foods.

President Mnangagwa's life story serves as an inspiration of resilience and determination, and he was praised for his wisdom and kindness, with well-wishers hoping for many more years of his leadership.

Source - The Sunday News