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Beitbridge rustler jailed 27 years

by Staff reporter
03 Oct 2023 at 06:20hrs | Views
A 41-year-old man from Beitbridge was sentenced to 27 years in prison yesterday for the theft of 15 cattle from three different farms.

The individual, identified as Life Sibanda from Jacha village, Tshapfuche in Beitbridge, pleaded guilty to the charges. In his statement to the court, Sibanda explained that his actions were driven by frustration caused by the Beitbridge Municipality's closure of his makeshift shop due to non-compliance with the town's by-laws, resulting in the loss of his source of income.

According to court documents, on September 28, Sibanda was apprehended by Jacob Mbedzi at Chicago village while he was in possession of the herd of cattle. Sibanda was unable to provide a legitimate explanation regarding the origins of the cattle.

However, it was determined that Sibanda had come across the 15 cattle, which belonged to Thoriso Moyo (60), Matodzi Mbedzi (77), and Maritha Mbedzi (59), as they were wandering around the Malala dip tank area. Subsequently, he drove them towards his home village, where Jacob Mbedzi identified the cattle by recognizing their brands.

The prosecution in the case was led by Tawanda Chigavazira.

Source - newsday