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Zimbabwe prisons target food self-sufficiency

by Staff reporter
12 Oct 2023 at 06:44hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) is working on building adequate food reserves independently, without relying on government budget allocations, to feed its roughly 22,000 inmates. This initiative is driven by expectations of a substantial wheat harvest from over 160 hectares of wheat grown on ZPCS farms throughout the country.

During a visit to the Hurungwe Prison Farm, Moses Chihobvu, ZPCS Commissioner General, expressed optimism about the institution's ability to produce enough food to prevent hunger among prisoners and staff. He emphasized that ZPCS plays a crucial role in the National Development Strategy (NDS 1) by ensuring food security for prisoners.

Chihobvu noted that, as a result of the anticipated bumper wheat harvest, ZPCS has set up traditional bakeries that are now producing bread for inmates and staff. Plans are in place to explore partnerships for commercial bread production if the institution can meet the demands of its inmates and officers.

Each prison is expected to establish bakery projects in light of the expected wheat surplus. Hurungwe Prison Farm, for example, has 90 hectares dedicated to wheat cultivation, with an estimated yield of four tonnes per hectare. The wheat harvest in Zimbabwe this year is projected to reach 420,000 tonnes, surpassing last year's 375,000 tonnes, ensuring self-sufficiency and the potential for wheat exports.

The farm at Hurungwe has also been working to expand its irrigation area to make the most of the water bodies and underground sources available. Despite some challenges such as Quelea birds damaging part of the wheat crop and a broken-down pump, the farm remains focused on its goal of boosting food production for the institution.

Source - NewZimbabwe