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Ousted Mthwakazi executive digs in

by Staff reporter
16 Oct 2023 at 07:56hrs | Views
The deposed national executive of the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has rejected the legitimacy of the recently constituted interim committee in the ongoing power struggle to control the separatist party.

Chilumbo Mudenda and Mbonisi Gumbo, who are believed to be the architects behind the coup against the leadership of Mqondisi Moyo and his executive, announced the formation of the new interim committee last Wednesday. Moyo was accused of using hate speech and other divisive tactics within the movement, which seeks to establish the secession of the Matabeleland region from the rest of the country.

The newly established interim structure is co-chaired by Thembisani Mpofu and Mudenda, with the responsibility of organizing an elective congress next year.

However, Velile Moyo, the spokesperson for the ousted faction, dismissed claims of their removal, asserting that the party's executive structure remained intact. Moyo emphasized that the selected committee would not be recognized, stating, "The MRP remains unchanged. We have not appointed any new interim committee. The party has not followed the constitutional process for electing new leadership. These individuals are acting outside the bounds of the party's constitution."

He alleged that the new committee convened in Bulawayo and unilaterally decided to remove the party president and the entire executive without adhering to proper procedures. Moyo argued, "They held a press conference where they announced the dissolution of the entire national leadership. This group of people came together and made decisions independently, disregarding the party's constitution and the mandates of the party's structures."

Moyo also claimed that the meeting where the new interim council was elected did not have proper representation from the party's structures. "It is entirely null and void. It is simply irrational to accept this as a reality within the party. These individuals may be inclined to create their own party outside the framework of MRP. I can only say that there is no truth in it; it's a matter of individuals acting independently," he remarked.

Source - southern eye