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Mnangagwa sounds death knell for corrupt councils

by Staff reporter
02 Nov 2023 at 05:41hrs | Views
The President, Mr. Mnangagwa, has announced that there will be consequences for mismanagement and corruption in local authorities. He emphasized the government's commitment to improving living conditions in urban areas and called for a focus on service delivery.

The President stated that local authorities should develop a roadmap towards Vision 2030, emphasizing the importance of improving people's lives. He warned that budgets for 2024 would not be approved unless councils demonstrated acceptable levels of service delivery.

Service delivery has significantly deteriorated in urban areas, particularly in Harare, leading to the outbreak of diseases like cholera and typhoid.

During a high-level interaction with local authorities in Harare, the President officially launched the Blueprint on "A Call to Action — No Compromise to Service Delivery: First Stage of Interventions to Modernize the Operations of Local Authorities towards a 2030 Vision."

President Mnangagwa expressed his disappointment and concern regarding the dilapidated infrastructure in cities and towns and emphasized the need to prioritize service delivery.

He called for the elimination of corruption, promoting integrity, accountability, and transparency within public entities. The President noted that officials should not treat public service as a means for stealing and looting resources.

President Mnangagwa also urged the enforcement of by-laws related to waste management and littering, emphasizing that cities should not resemble "waste and litter jungles."

He called for a unity of purpose between management and councillors and the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment.

The President stated that the government would increase allocations for devolution to address financing gaps within councils. He encouraged local authorities to improve their collection of rates and to be innovative in addressing challenges.

Local authorities were also urged to promote investment, trade, and ease of doing business reforms at the local level. Performance contracting at all levels of management in local authorities was emphasized to foster a results-based work ethic.

The President's direction set a yardstick for all local authorities to follow, according to the Association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe.

Councillors welcomed the engagement with the President and his focus on Vision 2030 and the improvement of the capacity and efficiency of local authorities, with a specific mention of a women's quota in councils.

Local councillors expressed their readiness to play their part in support of Vision 2030.

The President emphasized that, together in unity and peace, Zimbabwe would realize Vision 2030 and sustainable socio-economic development for the country.

This announcement underscores the government's commitment to improving service delivery, transparency, and accountability at the local authority level while addressing corruption and inefficiency. It also highlights the need for local authorities to play an active role in achieving national development goals.

Source - The Herald