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Biti exposes Chamisa's hand

by Staff reporter
28 Nov 2023 at 00:29hrs | Views
CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) vice-president Tendai Biti yesterday fingered activists linked to party president Nelson Chamisa for creating parody social media accounts to link him to self-imposed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu.

This comes after there have been allegations of a web of "sell-outs" within the opposition party, with some senior officials being accused of trying to divide the party.

Biti yesterday spoke exclusively to NewsDay after a parody post on social media platform X, in Tshabangu's name claimed that the two had met to discuss the party's pertinent issues.

"I'm not interested. That account must be parody account that was created by Chamisa and his team. Just check it. I have not met Tshabangu and let me repeat that I am not interested," Biti said yesterday.

The tweet claimed that Tshabangu had met Biti at a top hotel in Harare.

"Just after my interview on ZBC, I had dinner with one of our decorated change champions and learned man Hon Biti at Crowne Plaza, as he is a victim of dictatorship, we deliberated on pertinent issues that will add value to our struggle for democracy, transparency and constitutionalism," the account claimed.

Tshabangu's spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni also disowned the account saying it was fake.

"I would think it's a fake account," Phugeni said.

The development also comes after Harare councillor Denford Ngadziore reportedly blocked former mayor Jacob Mafume from entering a councillors' caucus meeting at Town House before the election of Lovejoy Chitengu.

Chitengu was elected mayor after Ian Makone was recalled by Tshabangu in the recent spate of recalls that have affected several MPs, Senators and councillors across Zimbabwe.

It is understood that Mafume is fearing for his life after he was threatened with unspecified action.

Mafume told NewsDay yesterday that he never wronged anyone, saying what happened at caucus meetings will remain regrettable.

"We are ready for service delivery of the residents and council if asked to do so. So, my conscience is clear even during the period when l was mayor," Mafume said.

"I wronged no one except those who want to take Harare. What happened at caucus meeting stays at the caucus meeting."

According to reports, CCC provincial taskforce chairperson for Harare Eric Murai and an official Matsunga Machuma bulldozed their way into chambers to ensure that councillors voted according to Chamisa's instructions.

Murai and Machuma allegedly asked the councillors to show their ballots before casting their votes.

Ngadziore could neither confirm nor deny the scuffle when contacted for comment.

"l do not want to comment because it was an internal issue," he said.

Chitengu yesterday said he was not in a position to comment on the matter.

There were, however, fears that Mafume who has remained the favourite might return as he commands respect within council.

CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi denounced Tshabangu as a Zanu-PF impostor.

"It is unwise for anybody who purports to be a democratic to associate themselves with Tshabangu," Mkwananzi said.

However, while Tshabangu is being accused for imposing himself as CCC interim secretary-general, he recently told NewsDay that Zanu-PF had nothing to do with what is happening in CCC.

"The internal problems in the CCC are now common knowledge. The candidate selection was heavily manipulated. The party constitution, party processes, and organs were set aside by a group around President Chamisa, which is inherently driven by self-interest," he said.

"This group of people around the president (CCC leader Nelson Chamisa) replaced party values and ethos with fear and reliance on bribes. We are cleansing CCC of this uncouth culture. Where does Zanu-PF come in?"

He said the problems in the CCC were countrywide.

"Party members across the country were disenfranchised, injured by the unjust processes engineered by the criminals around the party president.

"Not only were the so-called ‘monkeys' affected. We need to bring justice to all our members, and the party must revert to its foundational values."

Source - Newsday