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Mthuli Ncube extends car import deadline for former MPs

by Staff reporter
25 Dec 2023 at 09:14hrs | Views
Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has decided to extend the deadline for former legislators to import cars, while assuring the 10th Members of Parliament (MPs) that they will receive vehicles valued at US$60,000 each. Members of the Ninth Parliament who were unable to import vehicles before its dissolution will benefit from this extension.

Addressing concerns raised by MPs during the 2024 national budget debate, Ncube confirmed that the relevant Statutory Instrument would be prolonged, allowing those affected to import their second duty-free vehicle.

Speaking on the matter, Ncube stated, "I want to emphasize that the option for importing a second vehicle remains available, and those from the Ninth Parliament who were unable to bring in cars before its dissolution will have the opportunity to do so. We are extending the Statutory Instrument for this purpose."

Ncube mentioned that he had received a letter, facilitated through the Clerk, from affected Members, and the Treasury is actively processing the matter.

Regarding Parliament Staff, Ncube assured that they would also be entitled to duty-free motor vehicles, aligning them with other civil servants.

In response to MPs' calls for salary adjustments, Ncube highlighted ongoing collaboration between Parliament and Treasury to review the salary framework and enhance MPs' remuneration.

Addressing budgetary concerns, Ncube acknowledged the need for increased allocations for constituency offices, constituency visits, and the provision of research officers to support MPs, along with strengthening the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

To address these needs, Ncube proposed a 32% increase in the parliamentary allocation to ZW $700 billion. He specifically allocated an additional 225 billion to the budget for Parliament, bringing it to a total of 700 billion, and earmarked 132 billion for vehicles, equivalent to approximately USD 60,000 per vehicle at the current exchange rate, addressing the question raised about vehicle budgets.

Source - newzimbabwe