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Bishop begs for sex from young congregants

by Staff reporter
26 Jan 2024 at 08:21hrs | Views
A BISHOP at the Zion church headquartered in Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo is facing terrible times after three girls who accused him of fondling their privates and begging to be in between the sheets with them, reported him to the police.

A source, who is a congregant at the church, said the bishop seems to have a penchant for "hot young girls."

The source said in the first instance, Bishop Denny Mlilo visited the 21-year-old victim's grandparents and on that particular day there was money which was missing.

"It happened that sometime in November 2021, R3 000 which was kept by the victim's grandparents at their home was missing and Mlilo coincidentally visited the victim's family and they told him about the missing money. He questioned the woman and ordered her to meet him in town to discuss the issue of the missing money," said the source.

"On the following day they met in town and they went to a hotel room where he locked the door. He then fondled her breasts and private parts. After that he kissed her while begging to have sex with her."

The source further said the bishop left for the bathroom and returned in boxer shorts.

"He touched her while begging her to have sex with her. But she refused and after that he gave her R200. The woman then went home," said the source.

The source said whenever the bishop visited the woman's grandparents, he would fondle her.

"Each time he visited the woman's grandparents he would fondle her breasts and buttocks. She reported him to her grandparents but they could not take any action," said the source.

Seeing that there was no solution in sight, last week on Tuesday the victim reported Mlilo to the police.

The bishop also allegedly angled for an 18-year-old orphan and promised to assist her with her educational needs.

"The 18-year-old who was doing Form Four last year asked to be assisted by the bishop with her educational needs, after that he frequently visited her home under the pretext of visiting her guardians and whenever he found her alone he would fondle her breasts and private parts. While they were at church during prayer sessions he would take her to a secluded room and caress her breasts, private parts and buttocks while pretending to be praying for her. The girl stopped going to church to avoid being sexually abused," said a church member who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A fortnight ago the minor confided in a church member, after that she reported the incident to the police.

In yet another case the bishop visited an elderly couple and would allegedly sexually abuse their 17-year-old granddaughter.

"Last year in September he found the girl alone sitting in the living room and grabbed her before forcing her to sit on his lap and caressed her breasts. He tried to rape her, fortunately she was on her period and he could not sexually attack her. The minor told her grandparents who tried to influence her to sweep the matter under the carpet but sometime last week she reported the matter to the police," said the source.

Mlilo was not reachable on his mobile number. After that this publication contacted him via his wife's mobile number and when this reporter introduced himself he said: "I do not know anything," before terminating the call.

Bulawayo deputy police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele said: "We confirm that we are investigating reports of indecent assault cases committed by the accused Denny Mlilo."

She added: "We would like to advise parents and guardians not to engage in kangaroo courts in a bid to protect the suspects and they should not sweep any case of sexual abuse or any form of abuse under the carpet because of the social standing of the perpetrator."

Mlilo is set to appear in court.

Source - BMetro