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Chivayo frets over Zacc probe

by Staff reporter
11 Feb 2024 at 21:10hrs | Views
SOCIALITE and businessman Wicknell Chivayo has mocked the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) for allegedly trying to investigate the source of his unexplained wealth.

Chivayo has spent big buying cars for Zanu-PF praise singers and others, inviting scrutiny.

The ex-convict appeared incensed by Zacc for trying to dig into the source of his wealth.

In rants on social media, Chivayo said it was painful that Zacc leaked what it called its internal memo, which he felt was meant to frighten and extort him.

"What is painful is you're going to car sales and asking about (Toyota) Aqua cars bought for the members of the apostolic sect," said Chivayo.

"Why don't you just say Mr Chivayo can the programme for Aqua car also include Zacc."

In the leaked memo referenced AFRU 01/03/23 from Zacc legal officer one F. Gezi to the manager Asset Forfeiture and Recovery named V Masimba a diary of investigations is listed showing the progress.

It highlights that investigations on Chivayo started in March last year triggered by how he flashed his money and spoiled himself buying super cars and lavishly spending.

The memo showed how Zacc went to different organisations including the Finance Intelligence Unit for information of about his bank transactions.

They also went to check his compliance with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority including for his personal properties with the City of Harare.

In the memo Zacc wanted to forfeit property valued at US$7 million because they could not explain his source of wealth.

In a style synonymous with his flaunting of financial muscle, Chivayo said he budgeted US$3 million for his church and he would replace every car if Zacc was to take any.

"I have not committed any crime. I know in your eyes everyone with wealth is a thief," he said.

"I am begging you not to harass members of the apostolic sect. I said this year US$3 million is theirs and you have irritated me.

"I am putting aside another US$400 000 for a further 50 Aqua cars. I thought I should tell you in advance so you are not surprised."

He said all his deals were above board.

Chivayo has been on a roll and gifting musicians and other socialites with mostly Mercedes Benz cars.

He said he did it for people who supported President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF party.

Musicians Jah Prayzah, Sandra Ndebele, Sulumani Chimbetu, Sir Calaz are among those who have received late model vehicles.

Although he did not respond to questions Chivayo is said to have earned millions of dollars from energy deals where he was in partnership with a Zambian national who passed on last year.

He is rumoured to have energy business concerns in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other interests in Kenya.

Source - the standard
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