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BHA ventures in anti-drug campaign

by Stephen Jakes
22 Feb 2024 at 08:52hrs | Views
BULAWAYO Handball Association (BHA) has stepped up efforts to eliminate drug and substance abuse in the province through sports.

 The association hosted their first drugs and substance abuse awareness campaign tournament which will attract institution handball teams and clubs across Bulawayo.

BHA chairperson, Bulawayo Central District Handball Chairperson Taurai Muberekwa said the tournament will provide a platform for youths to learn about dangers associated with drugs.

"This is an awareness campaign upon realizing that our communities are being polarised by drugs and substance abuse the BHA came up with an initiative to educate the populace about the dangers associated with drug abuse," said Muberekwa.

He said the youth are the most affected group within our society however anyone can be a victim of drug and substance abuse, firstly they are going to benefit from education as they all know that education is power.

"We shall have prices which ranges from teams to individual prices on impact we are expecting to have a reformed society with our vision is to have a drug and substances abuse free society mainly initiated by sport and thru handball," Muberekwa said.

Muberekwa said they have partnered with other organisations to spearhead the drug and awareness campaign.

"So far we have Sports Zone Zimbabwe is the one which have confirmed its involvement in assisting towards the success of this even however doors are open to any organizations who are willing to support

The tournament will feature teams from Lupane state University, NUST, Bulawayo Polytechnic, United College of Education Bulawayo Handball Club Ajax, and Power house.

"The tournament is for both community clubs and institutions teams and it's the first of its kind which is also a first handball tournament of this year with players and officials coming from an annual long break," Muberekwa added.

Over the past few years, Zimbabwe has been battling an unprecedented increase in drug abuse, especially among teenagers.

Source - Byo24News