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Biden calls Putin a 'crazy son of a b***h'

by Staff reporter
22 Feb 2024 at 16:23hrs | Views
The President of the United States, Joe Biden called his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as "crazy son of a bitch" during a fundraising event held this Wednesday, 21st, in California.

"We have a crazy son of a bitch like Putin, and others, and we always have to worry about nuclear conflict, but the existential threat to humanity is climate," Biden said, in a brief speech at the event in San Francisco, which was attended by a small group of journalists.

In response, the Kremlin said that the US president tries to look like a "Hollywood cowboy". Moscow further claims that Biden's comment not only "demeans" him, but also the United States.

In English, Biden used the three letters "SOB", an abbreviation for "son of a bitch", an insult that can be translated into Portuguese as "FDP" (or "son of a bitch").

The American leader's outburst of strong language follows other occasions when he called the Russian president, who ordered the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, a "butcher" and "war criminal."

Biden said that the United States will announce on Friday, the 23rd, a package of new and strong sanctions against Russia for the death in prison of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In one slip-up, when the microphone was open in January 2022, Biden called a Fox News journalist a "son of a b***h."

Source - globalhappenings
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