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Married man pesters business client for sex

by Staff reporter
24 Feb 2024 at 07:33hrs | Views
A Pumula South woman in Bulawayo rues the day she approached a building materials provider for bricks and cement as the married businessman has now turned his attention to a service that she did not ask for – sex.

So persistent is the sex pest named as Lungisani Ncube who sells building materials in Kelvin industrial area to go under the sheets with the woman, Thelma Dube that in one leaked WhatsApp message he even offered her US$60 for sex on condition that his wife must never find out that the two had slept together.

The livid Dube tells him in no uncertain terms that she is not a woman of loose morals and that any continued suggestions of the two sleeping together will be reported to Ncube's pastor.

B-Metro has a string of messages where Ncube begged for sexual relations from the woman he reportedly first met on a business–client relationship when Dube approached him to supply her with building materials.

"I first met Lungisani when I wanted to buy building materials from business premises in Kelvin North and we exchanged numbers since I was going to be communicating with him about the date of delivery and so forth. We concluded the transaction and then he started proposing love to me, which I politely declined for the simple reason that he is married.

"I thought he would back off yet he continued sending the messages. What really got me very angry was when he grabbed my behind (buttocks) while we were viewing a house, which he showed me, that I wanted to buy on behalf of a friend. I reprimanded him and he stopped, only to send messages suggesting that I sleep with him for US$60 as long as his wife would not find out. That message got me very mad," narrated Dube.

In some of the messages, Ncube declares his undying love for his client with the bold messages ‘I will always love you' and ‘let's play as I learn the things that you want MaDube. Lingawomisi kakhulu mama' (don't be too harsh mama). Ncube goes to send another message in which he confesses that chatting to the woman arouses his sexual feelings. B-Metro will not print the messages since this a family publication.

The other messages are equally explicit in nature but border around Ncube pestering the woman for sex, ignoring all rebukes sent back to him by Dube.

When first contacted for comment Ncube professed ignorance about his actions and knowledge of the woman he is accused of pestering for sex.

"I have no idea who she is and why she is accusing me of such behaviour. I'm married and will never ask for sex from another woman," he said.

He quickly changed his story when WhatsApp messages, sent from his cell number, where produced by this reporter.

"This (story) can never come out. What will my wife say about this? I know MaDube, she used to buy building materials from my shop and I sent the messages as jokes. I didn't know she would be offended," he added.

He denied ever groping the woman while the two were viewing a house.

Source - BMetro
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