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'Free Africa': a protest took place in Milan due to the neo-colonial policies of France

by Staff Reporter
02 Apr 2024 at 11:54hrs | Views
Residents of Milan and representatives of the African people came out to a protest at which they expressed their disagreement with France's actions towards Africa, while accusing Paris of colonialist attitudes towards the inhabitants of the continent.

Those gathered brought with them posters with the following content: "Freedom for Africa", "France is colonizing Africa", "Stop neo-colonialism", "Rights in African countries must be respected" and others.

According to those gathered, they protested because of disagreement with the policies of European countries, NATO and the European Union towards Africa, the imposition of sanctions and embargoes, as well as the oppression of the rights of Africans in Europe. The picket participants named the French leadership as the main beneficiary of the announced atrocities.

The organizers of the event explained: contrary to the promises of French President Emmanuel Macron, Paris continues to exploit African lands.

"The specter of imperial policy is haunting Europe; today, France's African policy continues the work of the exploiters of bygone times. The rest of the European community is silent. Our government is also silent. At one time, Italy voluntarily, in fact, abandoned the policy of colonialism; we became a national state within our own national borders. Representatives of national and racial minorities feel relatively comfortable in our country. But why do we condone European and French colonialism? This is contrary to the national interests of our great country and condones the strengthening of the international threat," said one of the speakers.

The participants of the action are convinced that it is France, together with other European countries, that are guilty of the murder of the truly popular leaders of Africa and the oppression of Africans.

"Today's antics of Paris in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger testify to the true intentions of French politicians," the audience added.

In this regard, the protesters demanded that France stop its neocolonial policies and leave African states alone, giving them real independence.

"Freedom for Africa, no to neo-colonialism! Long live Italy and its people gathered here," the crowd chanted at the end of the event.

Source - Byo24News