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Chamisa's brother bashes ex-lover

by Staff reporter
18 May 2024 at 11:32hrs | Views
Former Mbare Constituency legislator Starman Chamisa, brother of Nelson Chamisa, is seen in a viral video assaulting his former girlfriend, CCC MP for Southerton, Ms. Bridget Nyandoro, with whom he shares a child.

In the video, Ms. Nyandoro is rescued by bystanders. She told The Herald that although the assault did not leave visible bruises, "he twisted my neck which is still hurting." She is currently taking painkillers for the injury.

Ms. Nyandoro stated that the assault occurred after she requested school fees for their child. She accused Starman Chamisa of being an irresponsible father, unwilling to support his child. "Every time I ask him for money for the child's fees and upkeep, he claims the child is not his and demands a DNA test," she said. She added that despite making a DNA test appointment at a center in Eastlea, Chamisa refused to proceed with the test in front of his lawyer.

Ms. Nyandoro expressed feeling threatened by Chamisa, who allegedly claimed connections with the CIO and the army, and boasted about having enough money to make their son disappear without consequences. "If it wasn't for the people who heard me screaming, I could have died," she said. She mentioned not reporting the incident due to fears for her safety, alleging that Chamisa is armed and has threatened to make her life in Parliament difficult.

Ms. Nyandoro denied being married to Starman Chamisa, clarifying that he is married to someone else and that their relationship, which began in October 2014, was more of an affair.

Due to her neck injury, Ms. Nyandoro was unable to attend Thursday's Parliament session. Attempts to reach Starman Chamisa for comment were unsuccessful.

Source - The Herald
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