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Passion Java should blame himself

by Staff reporter
18 May 2024 at 11:29hrs | Views
Self-styled prophet Passion Java should take responsibility for the failure of his much-hyped "Night of Wonders" event instead of blaming rival pastors, according to Zanu-PF-aligned cleric Obadiah Musindo.

The event, held last week at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, saw a disappointing turnout, forcing Java to cut it short to save face. Despite efforts from Zanu-PF to mobilize attendees for Java, a loyal supporter of the party, the event did not attract the anticipated crowd. Java had confidently predicted a full stadium and had even promised to quit preaching if he failed to achieve this.

Java's followers have accused rival pastors of sabotaging the event. However, Musindo argues that the blame lies with Java and his own team. "Passion should not blame anyone, be it other prophets or bishops," Musindo stated. "No one sabotaged him except his team. People are upset because they took their time and did everything to mobilize people, only to be let down by transport issues."

Musindo revealed that Java had promised to hire buses to transport attendees, but this did not materialize effectively. "Some provinces received few to no buses. Various organizations came to me in distress, saying they were asked to hire buses but never received the promised funds," he said. "Money for hiring buses was only released around 5 PM when the event was starting. Who in their right mind would wait for Passion until midnight?"

Java, known for his public support of Zanu-PF, was unavailable for comment. The incident highlights ongoing turf wars among prophets, pastors, and their predominantly Pentecostal churches, as they compete to attract the largest followings.

Source - newsday
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