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Mnangagwa claims Zimbabwe close to joining BRICS

by Staff reporter
10 Jun 2024 at 03:39hrs | Views
President Mnangagwa announced that Zimbabwe is nearing the possibility of joining the BRICS economic bloc, bolstered by its strong relations with existing members.

Established in 2009 by Brazil, Russia, India, and China, with South Africa joining in 2010, BRICS represents major emerging economies advocating for a new economic order distinct from the Western-aligned Bretton Woods system.

Recent invitations to Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE indicate the bloc's expanding influence.

Mnangagwa has engaged in high-level discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding Zimbabwe's BRICS membership. He emphasized that none of the BRICS nations hold anti-Zimbabwe sentiments, highlighting excellent relations with China and Brazil.

Joining BRICS could open new markets, investment opportunities, and technological cooperation for Zimbabwe, aiding its economic revitalization and reducing Western isolation.

Addressing the 27th St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Mnangagwa criticized the marginalization of the Global South and called for a multipolar global order that supports sovereign equality and fairness. BRICS, he noted, has evolved into a significant force in global politics, with shared interests and cooperative initiatives across trade, finance, and development.

Upon returning to Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa expressed gratitude for support from Russia and South Korea. He detailed productive meetings during the Korea-Africa Summit and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where South Korea pledged agricultural assistance and expertise, and Russia promised comprehensive support for Zimbabwe's development and trade.

These diplomatic efforts are part of Zimbabwe's broader strategy to strengthen economic ties and global influence, leveraging partnerships with both BRICS nations and other international allies.

Source - The Herald