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Ban gay, lesbian groups - demands pressure group

by Staff Reporter
02 May 2013 at 04:58hrs | Views
A Zimbabwean anti-gay pressure group, Africa Against Western Influence and Interference, has urged authorities to ban gay and lesbian groups in the country, saying their existence was unconstitutional and un-African.

The Africa Against Western Influence and Interference was formed two years ago with the aim of investigating and understanding the involvement of western countries in African affairs.

Its focus is on organisations funded and working with western countries.

The organisation's chief executive officer, Mr Makhosini Khumalo told the state media that they were worried about the future of the country in the wake of gay and lesbian groups, mushrooming in the country.

He said they were advocating for the banning of the groups, which he said were "poisoning" cultural values.

"We are headquartered here in Bulawayo but our membership is countrywide. The recent reports that these people are pressing President Mugabe to make sure that minority groups such as theirs also enjoy the protection of the law, means that gays and lesbians exist in the country and that should be a cause for concern," he said.

The so-called Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ) was recently quoted in some sections of the media as having written to authorities complaining that they were living in fear because of homophobic slurs from the mainstream society. "We are calling for an immediate ban on gays and lesbian groups because their existence is against the constitution.

The people of Zimbabwe said they do not want homosexuals in the country and allowing them to exist is in violation of our constitution.

"Obviously there are some procedures to be followed and we are prepared to engage on that. We intend to take them to court to challenge their existence," said Mr Khumalo.

He said his organisation - would soon embark on awareness campaigns to conscientious Zimbabweans on the need to avoid co-existing with gays and lesbians in their communities.

"Even the Bible clearly states in Leviticus 18 verse 23, that it is abominable for a man to lie down with another man as a man lieth with a woman," said Mr Khumalo.

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