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Man kills daughter-in-law over 2kgs of sugar, jailed 7 years

by Staff reporter
13 May 2013 at 06:26hrs | Views
AN elderly Bulawayo, Gene Alexandra McKop (67), who killed his daughter-in-law during a fight over a two kilogramme pack of sugar was beginning a seven-year jail term last Friday.

High Court Judge Justice Lawrence Kamocha told McKop, of 8 Palm Avenue in Sauerstown, that he deserved severe punishment for failing to lead by example and restraining himself.

The court heard that the fatal fight broke out on July 31 last year as McKop was making tea for his grand-children.
Prosecutor Jabulani Mhlanga said McKop noticed that a 2kg packet of sugar he had brought earlier on was missing and discovered that one of the grandchildren had stolen the packet and hid it in her mother's (Sibanda) bedroom.

McKop and Sibanda wrestled each other as he tried to recover the sugar. Sibanda then fell, face down, after which McKop put her on her bed where he strangled her. The woman died in an ambulance as she was being whisked to hospital.

McKop's lawyer, Nonhlanhla Moyo, told court that her client had not intentionally killed Sibanda but acted out of provocation.

But Justice Kamocha was not impressed and said: "The attack on the deceased was vicious, brutal and the sugar involved costs not more than $3 but a life was unnecessarily lost. As a mature man the accused should have restrained himself."

McKop had denied murder but pleaded guilty to culpable homicide for causing the death of Beauty Sibanda, 29.

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