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Woman bashes friend for demanding debt

by Staff Reporter
19 May 2013 at 04:59hrs | Views
A Nketa woman, Nicola Ndlovu, has been arrested on allegations of beating up her friend, Janet Fushari , for asking for money she owed her.

Fushari reportedly visited Ndlovu at her home and  found her sitting outside, without saying anything asked for an unspecified amount of money owed to her.

Ndlovu ordered Fushari to behave herself.

Fushari was angered by this and launched her own salvo.

It was a free for all from there on as the two hurled insults at each other.

The shouting and screaming is said to have attracted the attention of passersby and neighbours who rushed to the scene to catch a glimse of the debacle.

The swelling of spectators seemed to have had a telling effect on the women as tampers flared.

As tampers threatened to boil out of control, Fushari gave Ndlovu the last chance to pay or else there was going to be trouble.

As Fushari was still talking, Ndlovu armed herself with a stone and hit Fushari.

She fell to the ground as a result and sustained injuries on her legs.

That marked the end of the debacle.

Fushari went on to make a report to the police leading to her friend's arrest.

Ndlovu was found guilty of assault by provincial magistrate, Mr Willard Maphiqs Moyo.

She was ordered to pay a fine of $50, failure to which she would serve 30 days in prison.

Source - Courts