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Man's organ disappears whenever he wants to urinate or have sex

by Staff reporter
01 Jun 2013 at 06:12hrs | Views
A married man from West Acre Plots on the out skirts of Bulawayo is reportedly going through a nightmarish experience.

His penis mysteriously disappears whenever he intends to have sex or relieve himself. The unusual ailment, which has shaken the community, is reported to have started after the man, Cornelius Dhliwayo, had sex with an unidentified married woman in the area. The man's family is reportedly making frantic efforts in a bid to find a cure to the unusual ailment, which has caused untold suffering to Dhliwayo.

His alleged mistress, who was unknowingly administered with the strange sex 'vaccine' popularly known as runyoka or 'African Central Locking System', is reported to have fled to South Africa where her husband is working after Dhliwayo confided in her concerning his problem.

A source close to the incident, said Dhliwayo's strange illness could be a result of runyoka. he claimed that the husband of the woman suspected that his wife was 'leasing' his 'sexual farm' to other men as he will be at work in South Africa hence he decided to cast her the spell, which is reportedly causing Dhliwayo's organ to mysteriously disappear each time he wants to urinate or have sex.

"Dhliwayo's problem might be a result of runyoka. This is so because word doing rounds in the community is that his problem started after he had sex with a married woman from the same area. After Dhliwayo told the woman about his problem, she fled to South Africa where her husband is reportedly working," said an informant who identified himself as Dube.

The ailing Dhliwayo is reportedly on record claiming that the woman in question hoodwinked him into sleeping with her after she failed to pay him for a piece job he had performed at her homestead.

"He is always crying in agony. Really if the family fails to quickly find a remedy Dhliwayo will die. To make matters worse his wife is threatening to leave him claiming that he has not been having sex with her for a long time. As we speak right now his homestead is deserted with all huts locked as the family is travelling to different prophets and traditional healers in search of a cure for this rare disease," added Dube.

Following Dhliwayo's disaster, reports gathered by our news crew are that promiscuous men from the area are now scared of having extra-marital affairs in the community., which Dube claimed was turning into Sodom and Gomorrah.

Source - B-Metro