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Injava nabbed for disrupting church service

by Staff Reporter
03 Jan 2014 at 21:30hrs | Views
TWO members of the 12th Apostle Church have been arrested after they walked into a service and read a letter dismissing the sermon as being unholy.

The two, Mthandazo Mbambo and Mable Mbarnbo, are facing a charge of disrupting a public gathering.

One a the men is now based in South Africa and had to come down for the matter.

The church is being represented in the case by Christopher Sibanda.

It is reported that on the day, the church was holding a service when the Mbambo duo walked in.

The two are said to have walked straight to the front of the gathering.

Bemused by the two's actions, parishioners reportedly demanded answers.

Arguments are said to have engrossed the house of worship as the two tried in vain to justify their walk in.

As the quarrelling was going on, one of the men is reported to have taken out a letter and read it.

The letter contained denigrating messages.

Sources within the church claim that it is riddled with factionalism and the Mbambo duo lead one of the factions.

While reading the letter, congregants are said to have threatened them with a bashing which, however, did nothing to spoil their mission.

The reading of the letter continued amid the squabbling.

At the end of it all, the two are said to have declared the service unholy quoting sections of the letter whose writer is unknown.

The church members were unmoved and the service went on.

A report was made to the police leading to the two's arrest.

The duo was remanded out of custody to 6 January by Western Commonage magistrate Mr Themba Chimiso.

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