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Powertel launches 3G in Bulawayo

by Byo24
05 Jan 2011 at 00:56hrs | Views
Zesa Holdings Internet service provider Powertel Communications (Private) Limited has launched a 3G Internet service in Bulawayo and hopes to install base stations to expand the broadband service to the entire city.

Powertel sales and marketing manager Willard Nyagwande in his address during the launch ceremony recently, said the expansion programme in the city would be completed by March this year.

"Our plan is to expand and put up more base stations," Nyagwande said.

"We are taking our time because we don't want to just launch a product and two weeks later people start complaining. Our plan is to remain an indispensible brand. Service excellence will be our model as we want to be a preferred global ICT connector.

"Network has to be 100% up because of the importance of internet to companies and individuals."

Powertel's network in Bulawayo covers the central business district, Ascot, Montrose, Barham Green, Southwold, Newton West and Four Winds, National University of Science and Technology and Nkulumane Shopping Mall.

Nyagwande said the ISP had comprehensively covered Harare and was now expanding to cover other cities and towns countrywide.

He said Gweru is 99% complete, while installation of base stations in all other towns is still ongoing.

He also said Powertel was close to launching Voice over Internet Protocol.

"Trial runs have been running internally and will soon be extend to customers," he said.

"We will review our prices because customers are complaining that we are a bit on the high side," Nyagwande said.

"The prices will not go up, if anything they will remain at $50 or we might be forced to introduce bundles.

"In Zimbabwe internet is very expensive because it comes from one source and they are taking advantage of us because we are a landlocked country. We are negotiating with them and telling them that we will go to other suppliers who are coming up now."

Nyagwande said vandalism was responsible for frequent internet downtimes.

Powertel's fibre-optic network is hung on Zesa's transmission pylons.

"Internet at times goes down for one or two hours and there are reasons for that. Internet comes through an upstream connection," he said.

"There could be maintenance in Botswana or wherever we have no control. Sometimes it will also be through vandalism."

Source - Byo24