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G Silundika's former milk roundsman, fighting to acquire estate!

by Byo24NEWS
07 Jan 2011 at 13:07hrs | Views
THE former milk roundsman embroiled in a house wrangle with the children of the late national hero, Cde George Silundika, has secured the services of a lawyer while war veterans in Bulawayo have vowed to block him from acquiring the nationalist's estate.

The former gardener, Mr Johnson Ncube, yesterday said he had managed to get pro bono representation to fight for his return into the Silundika house in the affluent suburb of Riverside, while he battles for ownership of the property at the courts.

"I will fight for what is mine. I am grateful for the assistance that I am getting from all the people, who cannot be mentioned at this stage. My dearest Martha left me in charge of the house and the children," said Mr Ncube, who once worker as a milk roundsman and storekeeper.

He said he was shocked to read in yesterday's edition of the Chronicle that the Silundika family was not aware that he married Mrs Martha Silundika.

"I wonder why Mrs Manatsa said the family was not aware of our union, when she actually bought four crates of soft drinks for the wedding," said Mr Ncube, who grew up at his rural home in Lower Gweru.
War veterans on the other hand, said Mr Ncube's actions belittled the entire nation and everything that all true Zimbabweans stood for.

They demanded that he should immediately return the Mercedes Benz car that the late hero's wife and liberation war heroine, Mrs Silundika, left him to the children.

Mr Ncube got married to Mrs Silundika on 16 September 2000 under the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11.

The disputed house
Following her death in 2003, he continued living in the Silundika home at Number 14 McNeille Road in Riverside.

The four Diaspora-based children evicted him from the house on Sunday, sparking the looming legal battle.

Venting their displeasure about Mr Ncube's "antics", war veterans said his "despicable actions" were an affront to the war of liberation and the entire country.

"He is tampering with the property and orphaned children of a national hero and African icon. If we stand by and watch while he reaps where he did not sow, every one of us should be ashamed. This is a national issue in which the highest office in the country should intervene," said Cde John Hungwe Magwaza, a war veteran and Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions deputy administrator in the Matabeleland region.

He said Cde Silundika was the PF-Zapu organising secretary, who spearheaded and coordinated the unity between Zanla and Zipra forces in the armed struggle that led to Zimbabwe becoming a sovereign state

Source - Byo24NEWS