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Emergency Taxi touts fight police

by Byo24News
13 Jan 2011 at 14:18hrs | Views
Emergency Taxi touts damaged one of the new police BMWs commonly known as 'imota entshontshimali' yesterday at Egodini terminus. 
Our correspondent has been informed that the police blocked the terminus demanding that every kombi should pay them $20 if they want to exit.
This angered the touts and kombi drivers which led them stoning the police BMW. 
The police then responded by chasing the kombis away from the Egodini terminus. 
Residents were seen around 9pm moving up and down in town looking for transport. 
Today most of the kombi drivers had boycotted carrying passengers fearing victimisation by the police as the police had mounted roadblocks in most of the road from the western suburbs which saw residents walking into town.
One person who spoke to the corresponded said they we walking to work when they were later picked up by one of the few kombis that were operating. 
On their way to the CBD they passed three roadblocks one with police motorcycles, another with police Mercedes Benz's and another with police trucks. 
On the roadblock with motorcycles the driver was forced to stop and switch off the engine until he paid $100. 
The police men were accusing the kombi drivers of bribing police using the BMWs $100 whilst those using motor bikes are given R20.

Source - Byo24News