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Mugabe fall causes call for constitutional amendment

by Staff Reporter
31 Oct 2015 at 11:13hrs | Views
Youths have come out guns blazing on Social media soon after the near fall of President Robert Mugabe in India, calling for the legislators to amend Section 91.1.b of the Zimbabwean constitution.

The section says "A person qualifies to be president or vice president if he has attained the age of forty" Mugabe was, Wednesday, assisted by Indian Premier Narendra Modi after the 91-year old leader lost balance and nearly tumbled while walking up the podium. The incident, captured on television broadcasts, happened as Mugabe - in Delhi for the India-Africa summit - missed a step when advancing to greet Modi.

Earlier this year, Mugabe missed a step and tumbled as he came down a podium at the Harare International Airport.

The Welshman Ncube led MDC National Youth National organizer Shephard Dube said this is proof that there is something wrong in our constitution.

"Why would someone aged 91 be allowed to be the President of Zimbabwe if someone who is 21 is not allowed to even contest for the office. The flawed maturity argument perpetuated by youth oppressors does not hold water; these old people are also falling in diplomatic trips and embarrassing our country. This is proof that there is something wrong with our constitution."

Said Dube He took to facebook causing a social media furrow calling for section 91.1.b to be amended.

"Section 91.1.b of the Zimbabwean Constitution is in violation of section 20.1.b of the same constitution. It says for a person to qualify to be a Presidential Candidate has to be 40 years old. It clearly violets the latter which says youths should be given opportunities to associate and to be represented and participate in political, social and economic activities....... Not only is this section against the spirit of the constitution, it is unreasonable considering the life expectancy rate in Zimbabwe which is at 53. Basically meaning that most people who are eligible to run for Presidency are statistically dead. Why is there an entry age but no exit age?. #section911bmustfall"

Source - Byo24News