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Activist to launch his 4th political book 'Politics dzeShayisano'

by Staff reporter
12 Nov 2015 at 09:34hrs | Views
The Kwekwe based human rights defender and democracy activist Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo (28) is set to launch his fourth political book next month.

This latest political book titled 'Politics dzeShayisano' is a Shona book which interrogates what destroyed the vibe of the pro-democracy movement in Zimbabwe.

The book candidly condemns opposition leaders for abandoning the real struggle for democracy and how they are now fighting for their personal interests, egos and how they commercialized the people's struggle.

'Politics dzeShayisano' is my fourth book and it is in Shona. It looks at the situation whereby the opposition movement is fragmenting at a time unity is of utmost importance. Opposition leaders are busy fighting against themselves instead of uniting, combining their efforts and remove the Zanu-PF regime first', Moyo said.

'Politics DzeShayisano' will be launched on December 10 in the small mining town of Kwekwe where Moyo is based. The book concludes by recommending that the opposition movement in Zimbabwe forms a coalition to challenge President Mugabe's Zanu-PF in 2018.

Asked why he decided to write a political book in Shona, Moyo said 'I want my fellow commoners and lay people to understand the message in this book so that they can push leaders of their various political parties to unite ahead of 2018 or else we all perish. We can't afford another five years of Zanu-PF rule so opposition leaders must stop fighting each other and unite as a matter of urgency.'

Moyo revealed that his 4th book will be for free again just like his other three books.

'I know how the people of Zimbabwe are suffering so instead of making them fork out their hard earned cash to buy my books, they must rather use the little they have to try and put food on their tables and get my books for free. That's the little I can contribute in this struggle for a new Zimbabwe' he said.

His other three books are 'Zimbabwe a Revolution Waiting to Happen (2013) 'Robert Mugabe from freedom fighter to the People's Enemy (2014) and 'The Rise of Grace Mugabe-The Fall of Zanu-PF (Truth telling about Africa's Upcoming First Female Dictator) 2015.

His books are available free of charge on his website

Source - Moyo