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Zanu-PF 15th National People's congress - Live update

by Costa Mano and Simiso Mlevu
12 Dec 2015 at 11:24hrs | Views
Ps Mphoko and Mnangagwa talk to secretary for Legal Affairs Patrick Chinamasa before the official opening yesterday.
1656: That marks the end of the Zanu-PF 15th National People's Conference updates.

1643: Chombo is now giving the vote of thanks. He thanks the President for steering the conference as well as the First Lady Dr Mugabe's benevolence is donating Christmas goodies to the delegates. He also thanks VPs Mphoko and Mnangagwa for chairing the conference for the past two days. He thanks political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere for keeping order as well as the delegates.

1625: President Mugabe has ended his keynote address marking the official end to proceedings.

1623: "Comrades I say as one of you, we spent two or three days we have earned not money...we are full of zest, wanting to achieve.... share that with your families. You came with a mission, go back to the people and tell the people that the mission has been accomplished..we say to you from the leadership merry Christmas..Pamberi nekubatana! I thank you."

1614: "In 2016 we will not accept a company ghat refuses and rejects our indigenisation policy in our mining sector...were resources are ours we must have 51% because they are depleting. We must be properly benefited..those resources are just ours for this generation alone, they also belong to our children and children's children.

"Now you have to go back home and you must carry back home now what you heard what you heard from the leadership, the resolutions will follow soon. Please be faithful to your province, to the party and this conference. You are a product of this conference....Zanu-PF has grown in strength and in its dedication ZimAsset must succeed."

1607: "We have an abundance of educated people..with varieties of disciplines. Thousands and thousands have been yielded this year, very good degrees the party please let us be the people party, we have people in the grassroots..sophisticated ones we may find them here..let's also give them the drive not to be timid.

"After our meeting with President Xi the Francophone countries wanted a document to be signed that had to do with the climate change meeting that would seek to urge France and other countries to pay what they should pay as carbon credit.. about three people came to me and i said if i sign this your donors, European donors will say ah it's Mugabe and they will refuse and they said sign..they were of the view that if i signed it, it would add greater weight to it why? the French have intimidated our people..and that is what we still have to fight. It is not just economic domination but definite political and real in some time military domination in their countries so leaders have to seek that support of the French government to be seen as faithful to France is they are to last leaders in their countries."

1600: "Vamwe  vakazoita maJudges ndovaziva, ma non Sadza eating people..then there are other psychologically have gone wrong in that they believe that for their kids to do well they have to speak English..some people's kids can't speak Shona, shame! Let the child be in normal circumstances, yes, you can speak in English but use our languages. You're damning the child, he'll later fail to learn his mother tongue."

1553: "We did not say we would forget the veterans and ensure their welfare but they become part of the people and so we did not expect that they would form a party but get into the party machinery and strengthen it..but they had to be recognised by the people.  They should always recognise that they are like the other people, they have made sacrifices yes but they are not the only ones, some at home made sacrifices because they were arrested and killed. The war wasn't won by the gun alone.

"Chinotimba is practical, down to earth..ehe Chinotimba haashori, simple person akaenda kuhondo and missed out on his education and the people voted for him but I know of commanders who didn't win. We are all proud that our people work together ofcourse tinavamwe vaitengesa pakati pedu. It's not war veterans who are arrogant, we also have others with intellectual arrogance...I got my PHD, I'm a professor and lecturer at university...kare ko tisati taita secondary school muno, vanhu vaive nemari vaitumira vana ku South Africa kunoita JC..vaiuya vaita JC..mumwe icousin, he's late now..What's this? Sadza? I don't eat this..vanga vasisangadye sadza."

1544: "Don't be unnecessarily rude and harsh even a person who has committed an offence...even though that have committed an offence should listen to what others are saying, this is a people's party and your insolence will make things worse for you...izvi zvekuti ndini ngana ndakaenda kuhondo iwe hauna kuenda hondo nonsense! We should not hear that from anyone.

"Ava anaMphoko nana Mnangagwa hapana pandakanzwa vachiti takaenda kuhondo, it's a record. When we came back from the war the liberation struggle had ended..the comrades were demobilised, others would go into the army..others we wanted to be the foundation of the police force...but others would come into ordinary life."

1540: "We've heard the Cold Storage Commission is once again at on its feet...the Bata company is also now back on its feet and were it had left with a handful of workers it now has a 1 000 workers. We also hear United Rifineries is now back at 100% utilisation again. We were also heard of the wonders of the we hear that our SMEs are producing vodka and they gave me one little bottle of vodka and I said I should not take it before the conference but after the conference I can now drink the whole bottle...I hope Mai Mugabe will allow me.

"Perhaps we were a bit hesitant that our party will stand on both legs but now we will go back with increased confidence...We can never succeed if we tear ourselves into compartments. It does not hurt nor diminish your integrity to recognise that someone who is above you is senior to you and deserve your respect because tomorrow you'll  be'll expect those others to respect you. Those at the top must not be braggers..ehe ndini ndiri kutonga, the chairman says ndini ndine simba rose pano..ndinoti stop it."

1529: "Allow me therefore to thank most heartily the host province and other provinces that helped to plan and make sure that your plans came to fruition..we are proud of you, we are proud of you..if the others want a bit of Victoria Falls as a donation, they can take a bit of water and put it in their rivers and hopefully in three years time their own falls can start.

"We don't know yet where we are going next...the conference discussed and debated robustly...I understand that this conference was well attended by diplomats..practically all except one, 56 diplomats and it has ,mesmerised the MDC. One paper said "Broke Zanu-PF flies 300 to Vic Falls" they didn't know that our people had pockets not carrying stones but money..things are improving and you will see that next year."

1516: "We drink from the same urn, same pot, no one is poisoned, no one is beaten up and once again we find that harmony we had comes back, the atmosphere, the rhythm, the leadership, smiling together and of course the various groups we put together committing themselves to the resolutions that we shall put together.

"..So I want to begin by saying thank you, thank you all one and all man and woman, comrade all by raising this comradeship high. You have done us proud tinokutendai, that's the Zanu-PF way hatidududze..forward ever."

1512: "We have now reached the final stages of our meeting..I"ve no doubt that this..conference has been one of the most successful conferences we have had in a long time. We came with great expectations, vamwe vachiti kucharwiwa uku..vamwe vaifunga kuti dzimwe nguva kuchava nevamwe vachozo chinjwa ikoko. All of us have been put together by the party in the same way province by province with the same consolidate the people's power through ZimAsset..zvese zvimwe zvaive zvimwe, zvimwe zvaive zviroto, zvimwe zvaive kuvhunduka kutya..asi ikozvino zviroto hapachina, kutya hapachina...all of us now feel much more confident that I am truly a member of a strong party...all os us are members of the party, smiling together."

1506: President Mugabe is now on the podium.

1505: VP Mphoko has now invited President Mugabe to address the gathering.

1459: There now is a musical interlude why the conference eagerly waits for President Mugabe's keynote address that will make the end of official proceedings here.

1453: The Zanu-PF UK branch says the conference should note that every Zimbabwean matters. The branch has established more branches across Europe. They realise that there is a new war in the economy stutters, the diaspora has a role to play. There is need to setup consortiums. The UK team was at the forefront at negotiations with British for the repatriation of the First Chimurenga war heroes' skulls.

1443: Chief Musarurwa acknowledges the fact that their upliftment has been due to President Mugabe's vision. He says says party members should be united and says he feels pity for factionalists.

1435: Mzembi says tourism has a 4,7% sectoral growth. Every tourist is a source of foreign direct investment. Tourism is a classical example of a pyramid financial model. Pays tribute to the security cluster

1423: Youths resolved the Chitepo Ideological college be set up. Every parastatal must have a Youth Desk. State procurement must have a quota system with 25% reserved for the youth. Creation of a Youth Bank. Youth want as much of a share of resources, creation of employment.

1408: Mathuthu's committee says acknowledge the potential of sport and culture in lifting of the people's welfare. Zimbabwean culture embraced by the party and Government.

1359: Sekeramayi's committee Liberation War Heritage thanks President Mugabe for setting up the Ministry for the welfare of war vets. Party urged to continue valuing the war veterans. Government obligate to accord due respect to the war vets and provide their welfare. Endorses President Mugabe as the sole Presidential candidate in 2018.

1355: Chidhakwa's committee suggests the country should create a new economy that meets the needs of the black African. Create a beneficiation and value addition fund. Ministry of Justice introduce patent education.

1350: Gumbo's committee on Infrastructure and Utilities says the resolutions include implementation of the Joint Venture Bill. Direct Government to finish certain projects per year. Measures to limit abuse of social media. The party direct Government an indigenous quota on projects. Parastatals improve and maintain structure.

1346: Muchinguri led the Social Services and Poverty Eradication committee says vulnerable people are being made to pay for transporting aid. There is need for an national medical aid scheme. Traditional leaders are corrupting the Presidential Input Scheme. Increase money to tertiary education.

1339: Dr Parirenyatwa is now presenting his Agriculture and Food Security committee's report. He says because of the drought the party needs to put strategies as an urgent matter that there will be food till harvest time in 2017. Agribank should be strengthened. Production should improve on the farms and inputs should availed early. Irrigation schemes should be made use of. Facilitate viable markets. Control of cheap imports. Finalise the bankability of the 99 year leases. Small grains farming should be supported. Robust farming training programme. Place an inspectorate to monitor farm production. Finalsi reforms on the Cold Storage Commission. Women should exclusively breastfeed for a minimum of six months.

1328: Matabeleland South's Choeni says the children should be taught of politics at a very early age. He thanks the works done by the President Mugabe and First Lady and that there is no vacancy at the top.

1325: Moyo of Matabeleland North supports the political commissar's resolutions. The province will claim all 13 constituencies in the province.

1322: Chadzamira of Masvingo province says the province is a one party state and united. The province endorses President Mugabe's leadership till death. He thanks Dr Mugabe for taking care of the President. The province secured 26 out of 26 constituencies in the 2013 elections. He asks the President to help build irrigation schemes for the province as it's drought prone.

1318: Mashonaland West province's Chengeta endorses President Mugabe's leadership. The province thanks the First Lady Dr Mugabe's work on her countrywide tour.

1315: Mashonaland East province chairman Matiza says his province gave birth to Gamatox but the new elections were done. As the new executive, their main task is winning the 2018 elections. The unity of the province will remain and to do that they are registering members in their 385 districts.

1311: Midlands province's Kizito Chivamba  says all by elections done in the province were won by the party. The province denounces corruption and that the issue should just not be talked of in the press.

1307: Mashonaland Central province's Mafios thanks Dr Grace Mugabe for taking care of the President. He thanks the First Lady for her tour of the country as that has brought about unity. He asks the party's commissariat departments to launch a voter education campaign. He says factionalism starts in the Politburo not provinces or districts. He says we respect Politburo members because they are appointed by the President but they do what they want when they come to the provinces. He says some members do not know the geographical boundaries of the provinces.

1302: Harare province's Tawengwa says unity will ensure that the party moves in the right direction

1300: Manicaland province chairman Undenge says the province is stronger than before and promises that 26 constituencies in the province will be retained. President Mugabe has been endorsed by the province as the party's 2018 candidate.

1255: Kasukuwere says his committee has agreed that President Mugabe remains First Secretary and the party's sole candidate for the 2018 elections. The committee denounces factionalism and pledges support for the First Lady Dr Mugabe's activities. The committee laments the indiscipline in the party and that lack of respect for appointed leaders. Unity in the party must be promoted at all costs.

Once elected most Zanu-PF councillors are not reporting back to the party structures which they must do. Voting buying has been condemned and there's need to strengthen diaspora structures.

1249: VP Mphoko is now addressing the gathering and says the committees will start with their reports.

1244: The National Anthem is being played.

1242: President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe has arrived.

1220: The thematic sessions are now done and the committees are are ready to report back. VP Mphoko will chair the day's proceedings. Meanwhile, President Mugabe is set to arrive any moment from now.

1153: Second secretaries VP Emmerson Mnangagwa and VP Phelekezela Mphoko have arrived at the conference venue.

1144: The various committees are still deliberating at the conference.

1138: Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister  Mandi Chimene says appointees should stick to the tasks given to them by President Mugabe and not indulge in corruption. She says the commission on corruption is not doing anything as there hasn't been anyone who has been arrested.

"In China you will die if you are involved in corrupt activities..a corrupt person should die because they are killing the nation..corruption must be buried with the corrupt, corruption won't end when the practitioners are surviving. We should mould and educate our youth today because our day will come to leave these positions, the youths should be taught the party's ideology..they should be given their quota…the youth are the future and should handled well.

"The country's will not prosper if corruption exists..this country is rich and we can't finish the riches..when I was appointed Minister I have become possessive with Manicaland and the resources in the province should ensure the people prosper."

1127: Secretary for Finance in the Women's League Sarah Mahoka says that the Women's League wants the return of the women's quota in the presidium and emphasised the unity that exists in the league led by Dr Grace Mugabe.

1119: Secretary for Information and Publicity Simon Khaya-Moyo, speaking from Victoria Falls, says the President's message was clear and all those night meetings must come to an end. He says Zanu-PF has one centre of power.

"The party is the membership as a whole and that message was very direct to some of us..we should take that message very seriously. I hope when the committees come back to report back we must know we are on the right direction..I'm optimistic myself that the conference will be successful."

Khaya-Moyo said unlike a congress when the party invites various sister organisations and the like, a conference does not see such organisations coming over.

1103: President Mugabe is expected to give his keynote address marking the official end to proceedings at the People's conference.

1058: The second day ended with party committees discussing various issues that were on the table with the main one being ZimAsset. Delegates are currently winding up those deliberations which will be presented as part of the conference's resolutions.

1056: The Zanu-PF 15th National People's Conference has entered its third and final day here in Victoria Falls. The party's First Secretary President Mugabe officially opened the conference yesterday. In his keynote address, President Mugabe touched on various issues including the historic Chinese mega deals, ZimAsset as well as condemning factionalism and urged the party to remain united under its leadership.

The second day also saw various ministers briefing the delegates on the work they are doing under their portfolios as well as progress made in fulfilling the targets of ZimAsset.

Source - the herald