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One night stand backfires as married man's privates swell

by Staff reporter
01 Oct 2011 at 06:53hrs | Views
A SINGLE night of pleasure has left a married man's life hanging by a thread after his manhood and entire body swelled in a suspected case of lunyoka.

The 'One Day International' with an unknown 19-year-old led Takesure Tshuma (28) to be admitted in hospital, where he later asked to be discharged after realising that his condition was getting worse each day.

Tshuma claims that he met the girl at his workplace at Mathiwani area in Brunapeg, Matabeleland South and the two became 'instant' lovebirds.

"It seems as if I am suffering from lunyoka because I started suffering from this funny disease the night I slept with that girl. She had told me that she was not married so I now suspect that she was telling lies," said Tshuma.

Tshuma revealed that on the following morning his eyes started itching and when he was still wondering on what was happening, his entire body began to swell.

"My body was so painful especially the waist part going downwards. I also noticed that my penis was enlarging and since then I became weak.

"I tried to locate the girl but my efforts were fruitless and the unfortunate part is that I did not have her address, I only had her mobile number which is now unreachable," he said.

Tshuma had no choice but to return to his family in Cowdray Park in the city. When he arrived at his home he was reluctant to say out the truth and the shocked wife rushed him to a clinic.

At the clinic, he was referred to Mpilo hospital where Tshuma was admitted for a week, but his condition did not change forcing the family to have him discharged from the hospital at their request.

"I had no choice but to come out clean and tell my wife and family the truth so that they could help me. I then told them that I started experiencing this after sleeping with a girl I had met at Mathiwani area.

"As you can see I am in pain and I feel as if I am running out of oxygen. We are now trying traditional healers and prophets, but no change has been observed," said Tshuma struggling to breath.

Tshuma's wife said they were trying all means to help her husband and was not in a position to comment about her husband's condition.

"At least he finally told us the truth and now we are looking for people who can heal him from this unusual disease. We have tried to call the girl as we believe she is the only one who can help us at the moment but her phone is unreachable.

"I am shocked and cannot say much about this situation I have found myself in," said Mrs Tshuma.

The Tshuma family has now turned into beggars as they move around neighbours seeking assistance either in cash or kind.

They also asked members of public to help them especially if there is anyone who can heal Tshuma and they can be contacted on 0713 458 343.

Source - Bmetro
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