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Rhodes' remains are Mthwakazi treasure do not disturb! - MLF

by MLF
09 Apr 2016 at 12:51hrs | Views
The murderous claim by the Zimbabwe War Veterans that the remains of Cecil John Rhodes be removed from Matopo Hills cannot go unchallenged.

MLF puts the record straight; for starters the remains are not in Zimbabwe but in Mthwakazi. Why are Zimbabweans worried about affairs of another country? Yes we acknowledge their occupation of our country and subsequent ill treatment that goes with colonization but the grave and remains do not disturb anybody in Zimbabwe.

The second issue is that of tourism and money generated by Rhodes's grave and remains. Hundreds of thousands of Dollars are earned through charges at the site. War vets must know that not a single cent is benefiting the people of Matopo or Mthwakazi at large. All the proceed es go to Zimbabwe where part of it pays your monthly compensation.

Thirdly, as MLF we are against destruction of Historic monuments. No amount of hate can change the facts of History. This is a lesson all Vets must know because they experienced it themselves unless they think history changes according to personality - a lie they have to correct among themselves.

No matter how happy to meet your patron, Warvets be warned, Mugabe is not life and there will be life after Mugabe!

Source - MLF