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MDC-T still in sync with hearts, minds of impoverished people of Zimbabwe

by Wilton Nyasha Machimbira a Political Scientist
15 Apr 2016 at 15:26hrs | Views
I am no prophet nor prophet's son but for all intents and purpose the demonstration by MDC-T managed to convey an unequivocal message to the Mugabe Regime that enough is enough.The demonstration also concretised the assertion that MDC T is the only game in the town. By flocking in large numbers responding to calls for a demonstration, one cannot deny the incontrovertible stubborn fact that MDC-T party is still in sync with the hearts and minds of the impoverished people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC-T party marched against poverty and corruption that came into being as ripple effects of maladminstration by the ZANU PF regime. Its breathtakingly strange to note how President Mugabe and ZANU PF take everything for granted. For they expected the people of Zimbabwe to spectate from the terraces, arms akimbo pretending that all is well and its business as usual when the people are in abject poverty while they lavish in excessive luxury, gallivanting and globetrotting now and again to the so called Far East.

Demonstrations are allowed in the Constitution of the Republic, its a constitutional right which one cannot beg for.Demonstrations are a means of expressing discontent, disgruntlement, disenchantment and knock some sense in the government.The masses can resort to demonstrations to lobby for something and draw the attention of the government. It can also be a means of keeping a government on its toes at the same time engaging in agenda setting.

The demonstration by MDCT was against spiralling levels of poverty and corruption. By deductive logic those condemning the demonstration are in fact lobbyists of poverty and corruption in Zimbabwe. Its disheartening to note how other political players have chose to attack MDC leader on frivilous grounds.One run off the mill politician Maxwell Shuma attacked the MDC-T for the march. Armchair -critics and charlatans like Maxwell Shumba seem to bitter with Morgan Tsvangirai's Critical Mass that is needed to dismantle the predatory and monstrous regime.That Morgan Tsvangirai has both the Critical Mass and Will to pursue is something that can not be debated.He has the proverbial nine lives and its premature to write him political obituary.Those taking umbrage at the MDC-T demonstration are misguided missiles barking the wrong tree.For they are bereft of any plan to tackle the regime head on.

For the avoidance of doubt dismantling a monolithic political structure is not for the faint-hearted.Its a mammoth task that can only be undertaken by those with the Will to pursue.It is the MDC-T that obliterated one party state phenomenon and ushered in binary politics and they deserve to be credited for their efforts.

For some awkward reasons some unrepentant dectrators and political malcontents were left green with envy and some little dosages of jealousy when MDC-T and the indefatigable opposition leader painted the whole of Harare red.They made a blunder of looking at the messenger ignoring the massage.Such are just bitter people hell bent on besmirching the image of MDC-T and barricade Morgan Tsvangirai's path to the State house.That on its own is a case of misplaced priorities and majoring on the minors.

The demonstration proved that Morgan Tsvangirai is still a force to reckon in the politics of Zimbabwe. It debunked the assumption and insinuation that he is a spent force. An assumptions from people who do not want to accept the fact that MDC-T is a victim of political skulduggery.Those calling for a grand coalition without Morgan Tsvangirai honestly need to go back to the drawing board and reconfigure their political strategies lest they risk wantonly shooting themselves on the foot by avoiding MDC-T and Morgan Tsvangirai.

I have argued on several occasions that the will of the people is immortal and come what may it will always triumph at the end of the day for the greater good of the people.People's power is volcanic if not atomic,it can explode and implode,trying to subvert it is like trying to keep the chick in the egg.

While the hooligans and hoodlums of ZANU PF are at each others throat over the perennial unresolved succession crisis,Morgan meets the people,reassures the masses,selling his political merchandise with unparralled gusto at the same time perfecting the art of retail politics.Contrary to the megalomaniac Mugabe and a coterie of his sycophants who now and again engage in namecalling,fingerpointing, blameshifting and mudslinging Morgan Tsvangirai preaches love. A leadership with love is what the resilient people of Zimbabwe are longing for. A leadership that prioritise the welfare of the masses unlike the present one that perfect debilitating parochialism and prioritise power and power alone at the expense of service delivery.Power retention is the Alpha and Omega of Zanu pf priorities.People want a leadership that will provide jobs for the jobless, a leadership that will revatilise our industries and attract the much needed Foreign Direct Investment. A leadership that will bring bak the lost decency, dignity and intergrity of the Zimbabweans.That Robert Mugabe and his Zanu pf are an albatross around the neck of Zimbabweans is a matter whose verdict was delivered decades back by the Court of Public Opinion. Contrary to a narrative that regime change is mission is mission possible! though hiccups are inevitable along the way.The regime change that took place in Zambia when Rupiah Banda lost to Sata, Malawi when Joice banda lost to Peter Mtharika,Nigeria when Goodluck lost to Buhari,Ivory Coast when Bgabgo lost to Quattara is the same regime change that the people of Zimbabwe will realise under the tutelege of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai !!

Wilton Nyasha Machimbira a Political Scientist

Source - Wilton Nyasha Machimbira a Political Scientist
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