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Zapu denounces the stalling of Egodini Project

by Mkhululi Zulu
26 Apr 2016 at 14:44hrs | Views
The stalling of the Egodini Project by the Zanupf government is indeed flabbergasting to the people of Bulawayo. This is yet another clear show of clandestine agendas against endeavours to resuscitate the economy in the city. The greed and corruption of certain MDC-T councillors does not warrant this blatant punishment of all the people of Bulawayo. It is not different from attempting to wipe out the entire population in the regions of Matabeleland and the Midlands because there were just about 100 armed dissidents. It's really like being possessed by that demon.

Here is a project that is meant to give a message that Bulawayo can still live on. It invites investors to come to Bulawayo because construction is going on. It instils a sense of pride, confidence and hope to the people of Bulawayo as they partake in changing the face of their city. It is the opposite of what is going on at the industrial sites where warehouses and factories have become breeding places for rats and religious fanatics. Above all these some families will benefit as there will be jobs.

These and other even stronger reasons mean nothing to a Zanupf regime that is obsessed with an ever increasing quest for absolute power.  The plight of the poor means nothing. Prospects for development and at least alleviate misery are insignificant if they are outside their sphere no matter how constitutional they may be. The impression is that the whole nation might as well perish if a particular comrade has not personally carried the document to the head of state.

The Ministry concerned has the capacity and a constitutional obligation to deal with the individual local government officials who are corrupt but a giant project like the one at Egodini must not be stalled. Taking advantage of the complaints of the residents and then using them to crush development is yet another brutality against the people of Bulawayo. Zapu rejects the false excuses or whatever justification that have been put forward by the ZanuPf government. We take it as one of many acts to destroy Bulawayo economically, politically and culturally.

Source - Mkhululi Zulu