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Rare visitor descends on Nkulumane

by Byo24News
24 Jan 2011 at 18:46hrs | Views
Right on the heels of being graced by an elephant last year, residents of Nkulumane 11 could not help but shudder in disbelief when a rare "visitor" in the form of a grey baboon paid them a courtesy call last Friday.
While it was a fun full experience for the school going children who chased the baboon for almost three hours, it was however not to be for some elderly members of the community who said the area was no longer safe.
The presence of the baboon was a topical issue with young children pursuing in search of the rare "visitor".
"We just saw the baboon in our area coming from houses near Munyoro Shopping Centre being chased by our school mates, we also joined them and chased it but kade ilenkwankwa (it proved to be very stubborn). We were stoning it but it was scaring," said a young Mluleki Sibanda a grade 6 pupil at Queen Elizabeth 11 Primary School.
A resident in the area Mr. Fanuel Chilonga said the baboon was all over the show getting into people's yards, jumping durawalls and fences.
"I was very surprised to see a baboon in a residential area. The children were making a lot of noise outside. At first I thought they were playing games only to hear them shouting indwangu, indwangu, tshaya indwangu, tshaya. It was getting in people's yards jumping over durawalls and fences. I think the responsible authorities should seek to protect us from the harm that stray animal can do to us," said Chilonga.
The young boys and girls who were still talking about :their beloved visito" revealed to Byo24News that they chased the baboon up until it got on top of a mountain that is behind Mgombela Primary School.
'We chased the baboon from houses near Munyoro, we went through houses that are near Mac Inn Shopping Centre, we passed Queen Elizabeth up until it climbed on top of a mountain behind Mgombela:, said young Bornwell Sibanda who still seemed to possess the energy of pursuing the baboon on top of the mountain.
Another resident at the area Ms Sizalobuhle Nyoni said the area was no longer safe.
"We are no longer safe on this area. First we saw an elephant, now its this baboon, nest time it will be a lion. We are concerned as residents of Nkulumane 11. Stray animals are very dangerous and everyone knows that. Esigabeni akusalunganga, abantwabethu bazadliwa yizilwane lonyaka "all is not well in the area, our children will be eaten by predators this year"", said Ms Nyoni who quickly dismissed the notion that the area was cursed.
"It happens, animals can just stray from game parks. Moreso, we live near a bushy area so commob knowledge has it that we are bound to see more animal. But the responsible authorities should not sit on their laurels", she said.
According to literary interpretation, the colour grey represents misery and with a grey baboon having graced Nkulumane 11 the million dollar question is:- Did misery walk into Nkulumane 11?

Source - Byo24News