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Mayor dismiss $53 000 salary claims

by Stephen Jakes
01 Dec 2016 at 05:34hrs | Views

The Mayor of Harare Ben Manyenyeni -MDC-T has dismissed rumours making rounds on social media that he earns a salary of $53000.

Reacting to the claims on Facebook Manyenyeni said he wanted to clarify reports going around social media that he earns $530000.

"We hope these rumors which became social media gossip a second time and originated  from Advocate Fadzayi Mahere FB page which suggested such an Obnoxious Salary are GROSSLY misleading and inaccurate. On November 17th 2016 the Mayor Brian Manyenyeni posted a discussion on his face Book Regarding his Salary which Advocate Mahere seemed to acknowledge," he said..

"The Mayor is deeply disappointed by such misleading suggestion and hopes this was miscommunication or misinformation and would like to direct Residents and Advocates to check the The ministerial circular which available for viewing in regards to remuneration for Council workers or the Mayor. The Mayor would like to urge less excitable and irresponsible rumoring as this this could be harmful and painfully misleading to the Citizens of Harare."

The post further state that the Mayor has responded on Advocate Fadzayi Mahere page to clarify this matter.

"The Mayor of Harare receives a monthly allowance of $1250- per month. The reality is that his job is full time non-executive job. The Mayor is very grateful to even receive the amount of $1250 as he is well aware of the difficult economic situation the country is facing.The Mayor's Salary is well below any minister or other MP salaries. The Mayor is very excited to meet with The Residents of Harare tomorrow and answer all questions about issues affecting Harare Residents as best as he can.The Mayor is also ready to listen and take any criticism as this will help him in improving his job performance and meeting the needs of Harare Residents," reads the post.

"The economic situation in Zimbabwe has found the city of Harare receiving very little to nothing in terms of resources to run or improve the State of Public Facilities and infrastructure. The Politicising and Mismanagement of National Resources by ZANU PF has rendered it almost impossible to function and provide Basic Necessities."

The post further states that the Mayor  Manyenyeni  apologises to the Residents of Harare who continue suffer due the political quagmire Zimbabwe faces.

"The truth of the matter as the MAYOR states is "we work hard but can only do so much with limited to no resources at all". The Mayor contends he and others will continue to work hard to be as imaginative and creative as possible but that the terrain is difficult and thus in the Mayor Discussion with Citizens he will try to manage expectations as best as can," reads the post.

"The Mayor truly apologisies for an disappointment to Residents on his part and Takes full responsibility. His only prayer is for a NEW Zimbabwe where the politics of the nations are used to benefit the Citizens of Zimbabwe. Residents of Harare can visit Ben Manyenyeni MDCT FB account where you will find the Mayor constantly updating residents on going Events."

Source - Byo24News