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Woman fakes menstruation to avoid sex

by Staff reporter
01 Dec 2016 at 20:59hrs | Views

To avoid engaging in sex with her husband, a Chitungwiza woman is reportedly in the habit of faking her menstrual cycle.

This came to light at Chitungwiza magistrate court where Vakai Gomwe pleaded guilty to assault charges.

Vakai was sentenced to 425 hours of community service at Muromo clinic.

This was after Chitungwiza magistrate Takunda Mutetwa had initially slapped Vakai with a seven months jail term of which five months were removed on good behaviour and the other five months were commuted to doing unpaid work.

During mitigation, Vakai told the court that though he assaulted his wife Beauty Pedzisai, she lied to the police the extent of the assault.

"We had a misunderstanding and I assaulted her but she exaggerated the seriousness of the assault.

"She is a good liar, even at home she lies a lot, whenever she doesn't want to engage in sex with me she lies that she is on her menstrual period," said Vakai.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that on November 27 at around 7pm, Vakai was looking for his laptop at the matrimonial home.

He then incurred from Beauty if she has come across the laptop and she denied seeing it.

At around 9pm the same night, Vakai found his laptop inside the wardrobe.

He then started accusing Beauty of being the one who had his laptop alleging that where he finally found it putting he had searched for it there before.

Beauty then lodged a complaint with the police and Vakai was arrested.

Source - hmetro