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Zanu PF must forget thinking that Gukurahundi issue will just disappear

by Stephen Jakes
21 Dec 2016 at 04:15hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo has warned Zanu PF supremacists to stop thinking that their Gukurahundi massacre issue will just disappear without a resolution being made over it.

He said God gave Mthwakazians a plan on how to solve the Mashonaland/ Matabeleland tribalism problem which was created by Zanu PF.

"The initial stage for me was to make sure everyone talks about it without fear of arrest to a greater extent UMthwakazi people must clap hands for themselves we have achieved that," he said.

"The second stage is to get the whole World talking about esintwini kwakuthiwe umuntu kalobi nje. In our culture we believe that it is impossible for a human being to disappear without a trace for ever."

He said it would be unfortunate for Zanu PF and other Shona suprimists to think that Gukurahundi genocide issue will just disappear just like that.

"Now that the whole social media is talking about it, Zanu Politburo is seized with the matter the army, police and CIO then I can say so far so good. Paliarment of Zimbabwe is also talking thus fine with me," he said.

"In the near future I am targeting international media, SADC, AU, EU, Britain, South Africa and the rest of the World to talk about Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda."

"If I were to advice Zanu government, I was going to tell them to stop arresting Ndebeles, stop deploying shona civil servants in Mthwakazi especially those who can't speak Ndebele, stop allocating Matabeleland land to Shona people only, stop taking all natural resources in Mthwakazi giving it to yourselves, and stop under developing Matabeleland most importantly stop recruiting Shona students in our Universities while pushing us out," he added.

Gumbo said above all allow Zambezi Water project to be a success, respect Mthwakazi leadership our cultural values and all that.

"Then seek for official dialogue with Mthwakazi leadership by the way this can only be started by a different President not Bob," he said.

Source - Byo24News