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Its unfair to blame Mnangagwa for Gukurahundi

by Stephen Jakes
23 Dec 2016 at 03:51hrs | Views
A political commentator Rita Moyo‎ has said it is unfair for the people in the ruling Zanu PF and others to blame the Gukurahundi killings on the Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

"Its unfair and unfortunate for everyone including those in side and outside Zanu PF to blame Gukurahundi on Mnangagwa alone and portray him as a dangerous person," she said.

"Gukurahundi was a Zanu PF project we all know that every one who was part of Zanu PF during that particular time was involved in the creation of the 5th Brigade and implementing Gukurahundi, yes I agree Mnangagwa played a big part in executing Gukurahundi same as Joice Mujuru, Solomon Mujuru new exactly what was going on, he is the one who recruited former Zanla gorillas into the 5th brigade, Mugabe was the chief administrator of Gukurahundi," Moyo said.

"They say Mnangagwa will wipe out a lot of people but i doubt that he can kill 22 000 people within 4 years. It left me confused to hear Joice Mujuru speaking the same language as Mugabes naphew Zhuwawo it shows us that Mujuru is still fighting on Mugabes corner. Please stop believing Joice Mujuru's lies that she has left Zanu PF he will go back after the 2018 elections he was sent to cause problems within the ranks, soon after leaving Zanu PF before even forming a political party he wanted to form a coalation with MDC, Tsvangirai was denied his pension while he was senior to Mujuru in government while she was given her pension, Mujuru is still occupying farms that he ruthlessly acquired from whites and some from black people who had bought them using their person savings, Joice Mujuru was one of the most selfish and arrogant Zanu pf leaders.''

Moyo said they hate EM because he is loved by the outside world.

"Mujuru was raised by Zanu PF, all what she has today including the husband he was given by Zanu PF, if it wasnt for joining Zanu PF Joice would be a house girl in Mbare since she was a grade 7 drop out while Mnangagwa completed his LLB in the university of Zambia in the early 1970s. Mujuru was raised by Mugabe he even appointed her a minister even when she was illiterate Cephas Msipha had to endure doing all the work when Joice couldn't read and write, if it wasn't for Mugabe, Joice would be nothing she owes everything to him," Moyo said.

"Morgan Tsvangirai should stop entertaining this women, her only objective is to distract the opposition by making sure that the coalition talks are endless and continue for ever while Zanu PF is busy campaigning, Morgan need to reunite Welshman Ncube the person they build MDC together from scratch and forget about the Zanu PF infiltrators," Moyo said.

Source - Byo24News