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Zimbabweans wants elections this year: Afrifocus report

by Byo24NEWS
28 Jan 2011 at 19:47hrs | Views
No one knows whether there will be an election in Zimbabwe this year, or under what conditions.

But public opinion polls show that the majority of Zimbabweans are convinced elections should take place, even though they also feared they would be victims of election violence, and are increasingly reluctant to tell pollsters for whom they might vote.

While in May 2009 64 percent felt free to choose who to vote for, only 47 percent expressed such confidence in October 2010, a 17-point decline.

This AfricaFocus Bulletin contains excerpts from a new report by Afrobarometer on a national poll taken in late October 2010, noting the current state of opinion and changes since previous polls.

Another AfricaFocus Bulletin sent out today contains statements by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network (ZESN), on the conditions needed to ensure free and fair elections, and the executive summary of a new report from ZESN on the state of the electoral roll.

Source - Byo24NEWS