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Nick Mangwana's association with Zanu PF contravenes conditions of his continued stay in the UK

by Stephen Jakes
29 Dec 2016 at 04:13hrs | Views
A political commentator Zexie Mashonga has said a Zanu PF United Kingdom Based official Nick Mangwana's conditions of his stay in the UK is being breached by his recent association with the murderous ruling party during the just ended people's national conference held in Masvingo.

According to a Facebook post posted by Mashonga said if Nick Mangwana consider himself a British Citizen, he does not qualify by Birth, Registration, Adoption or Dual Citizenship but by Naturalisation.

"He was granted, obvious, subject to the discretion of the Home Office Secretary. However, the ease with which Mangwana enter and leave UK is a sign that he is not a political refugee but is among some Zimbabweans who flocked to greener pastures in record numbers," reads the post.

"But, what type of citizenship does he hold? What special qualifications does he hold? Qualifications that no other Briton possesses that confer him UK special status? Obviously, if Nick has British citizenship, he acquired that status through naturalisation. It is now evident that he obtained the status by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of any material fact and should be revoked. Nick enter and leave Zimbabwe with no threat whatsoever to his life."

The post states that Mangwana's status allow him to enter and leave UK with no restrictions.

"Recently, he travelled to attend Zanu PF Conference held in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Therefore his association and involvement with this terror group clearly breach conditions of his continued stay in the UK. It is known that Zanu PF formed Zimbabwe government since 1980. The party, led by Robert Mugabe, has been involved in terrorism-related activity that saw thousands of civilians disappearing and many more killed. But, how can a self confessed member of such a Terrorist Organisation (Zanu PF) be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom? Is it under the Human Rights Act? Does British government condone terrorism?" reads the post.

"Speaking at Zanu PF conference, Mangwana called for attacks on "NHUBUs" from diaspora. In a video evidently shot and uploaded on a social media, WhatsApp, by one of Zanu PF supporters, Nick Mangwana singled out two "NHUBUs", Stan Zvorwadza and Evan Mawarire. As has historically been the case, Nick's utterances endangers the lives of these two "NHUBUs". They automatically become targets for abduction, torture and killing. His remarks come at a crucial time when Zimbabwe is preparing for 2018 elections: can tigger terror attacks across the country."

The post states that political refugees who were granted refugee status in the UK automatically becomes part of the UK Community.

"However, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 the UK Government is provided with powers to deport individuals, such as Nick Mangwana, out of the UK back to their home country when there is clear evidence that they pose a serious threat to the National Security of the United Kingdom. His return to the UK, after Zanu PF congress, is tantamount to the return of militarised jihadists and is a risk to our communities that seek protection against rogue regimes Nick support and sponsor. Nick's deportation is conducive to the public good," reads the post.

"Furthermore, in the video, Nick is pushing very very hard for Mugabe regime to deny millions of Zimbabweans living in foreign lands their right to vote during the 2018 general elections. Let us see first who are the Zimbabwe citizens living abroad: People fleeing the crisis (Political refugees), People who left before the crisis and Students. As a political refugee, I do not plan to return soon until there is political change. But based on the universality of the right to vote, I should decide who has to lead my country, through Ballot."

The post states that while in times of need government is quick to send an SOS to its citizens in foreign lands, because it considers them as key stakeholders.

"But Nick referred Zimbabweans in the diaspora as "NHUBUs" and must not be allowed to vote, frustrating the efforts of those whose lives are in danger and can not travel to vote. Ladies and gentlemen, Nick is returning to ask you "NHUBUs" in diaspora to chip in resources and fund or sponsor violence in 2018 Zimbabwe elections," reads the post.

"Nick is also forgetting something very important: he fled the violent Zanu PF government. His claim that the internet was paralyzing Zimbabwe, is shear ignorance of high order. The naive shown in the video exposed Nick as a political lightweight fighting for recognition."

The post also states that Zimbabweans across Europe, America and Australia have launched a petition, to be submitted to the Home Office Secretary.

"Among the many concerns weighing on the minds of "NHUBUs" is the uncertainty and fear Nick's terror groups will cause on political refugees in the UK and other European countries. It hurts me deeply that people who does not warrant protection in this country, who are terrorists but pretend to be refugees suck as Nick Mangwana benefit: Whilst deserving refugees are deported,"reads the post.

Source - Byo24News