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Zanu PF bribes people with 2kg maize seeds

by Stephen Jakes
30 Dec 2016 at 08:24hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has accused the ruling Zanu PF of bribing citizens in Bulawayo with 2kgs of maize seeds as the country is gearing for the 2018 elections.

MRP spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said Zanu PF is now in election mode as revealed by its Luveve Cowdrypark Member of Parliament who on THursday was seen at Beit Hall distributing the maize seeds.

"The Zanu PF top official wasn't aware that he was speaking to Mthwakazi Republic Party President Mqondisi Moyo when he revealed the scandal," Gumbo said.
"We had thought that the disbursing of maize seeds, rice and maize meal was part of the government initiated relief programme. But Zanu PF have other plans it came out yesterday that its part of 2018 election campaign. According to Ntandoyenkosi Mlilo Member of Parliament in Luveve Cowdry park, this is a Zanu PF campaign programme meant for Zanu PF members only no one else."

Gumbo said Mlilo told people in the presence of MRP President Moyo to remove all the more that 700 community members in ward 15 and 16 and start afresh to register them according to Zanu PF structures. He told them that he was not happy that the officials had listed everyone as a beneficiary yet this programme is meant for Zanu PF members only.

"He said and I quote " linganika abantu abangasibo be zanu pf njani? Phela laba abantu angeke basivotele futhi bakhuluma kubi ngathi njalo bathi abafuni Mashona, njalo laba abantu abaregestanga lokuvonta kwakhona khiphanini amabizo wonke la" he even stopped the process so that it will be done today insisting that the opposition members in the list must be removed," Gumbo said.

"The question is, why does Zanu PF thinks people are so cheap and are imbeciles who can be bribed by mere two kilo grams of maize seed and five kilo grams of fertiliser?"
Gumbo said MRP sent its own members on a fact finding mission, Ackim Gasela Mhlanga secretary for Foreign Affairs, himself, Secretary for security Manqoba Sitha, and youth member in South Africa Mabuya, went to Bait Hall to see for themselves what Zanu PF is up to and for sure they saw that the officials actually complied with the MP's orders to remove everyone and use new list of names. He said people were being given 2 kgs of seed maize and 5 kgs fertiliser.

"As MRP we condemn this kind of vote buying tactic taking advantage of the vulnerability of our people, which they Zanu PF created.  This is totally unacceptable and we encourage our people not to fall prey to Zanu PF shenanigans. In fact everything that Zanu PF is giving you Mthwakazi omuhle actually belongs to you, you are the ones paying those taxes, never again vote for Zanu PF but for security reasons you can go and collect whatever they bring after all it's your money," he said.

"Now is the time to defend Mthwakazi, time to protect our space and time to restore our pride, never again shall we allow any Harare led political party free entry in Mthwakazi, Asivaleni ngebhetshu isitha singenile koMthwakazi, and no one will rescue us except ourselves, Mthwakazi is the only real deal. It's high time we say no to anything that comes from Harare because these people are all the same they cannot be trusted in any way. Zanu PF, MDC-T, ZimPF, PDP and or anything that comes from Harare is not good for us, let's support our own, promote our own, and defend our own."

He said never again shall they be bribed by food and or t shirt and Chinese torches for our precious vote.

"We will no longer be taken for granted. We are restoring our dignity, and we are going to develop our own Mthwakazi with our own hands. To hell with their two kgs maize seeds, we are worthy more than that," he said.

Source - Byo24News