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War vets have a stake in Zanu PF- Mutodi

by Stephen Jakes
10 Jan 2017 at 06:01hrs | Views
Controversial Zanu PF activist Energy Mutodi has said the war veterans have a stake in the ruling Zanu PF thereby dispelling the recent remarks by
President Robert Mugabe that the war veterans were not supposed to have a say on the on goings in the ruling party.

Mutodi said the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who fought and won fierce battles against Ian Smith's well resources and skilled forces will
forever be remembered and honored in independent Zimbabwe.

"Zimbabwe's independence did not come cheap but it took brave and selfless cadres to liberate the masses from the jaws of oppression and colonialism.
Never mind what President Mugabe says against some or all the war veterans. Never mind what Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa says," he said.

"The two men know for certain that they could not be who they are today had it not been the brevity and commitment of the war veterans to the cause of
the liberation struggle. The argument that every Zimbabwean must accept is clear. You can not take 35 years telling the whole nation who it's liberators are
only to turn around and start denigrating the same people for your own selfish reasons. Even if they make errors, even if they miscalculate, that cannot be taken as a reason to treat them as outcasts."

He said the reason why we decided that there be a public holiday called "heroes day" and a heroes acre must continue to echo in our minds.

"They still remain our liberators. They have a stake in our freedom. We could not have a black president had it not been their hard work and
selflessness. Many of them lost their lives during the liberation struggle. Some had to endure the agony of seeming their fellow comrades succumbing to
the struggle. Some lost their limbs and many surviving ones still have psychological stress. They had to forego their education for the sake of our country's liberation.  Any future president, minister, member of parliament or counsellor must remember that there was a time a black man could not hold such office; hence the need to respect the war veterans," Mutodi said.

"Our leadership has been captured by opportunists. This is now an open secret. They are people who have sinned against the nation in the party and its
leadership's name. Some kill, rape and steal in President Mugabe's name. They are confusing the whole system by claiming they have a bigger stake in
Zanu PF yet they were either unborn or too naive to participate in the liberation struggle that gave birth to their current luxuries. They have amassed wealth through patronage, nepotism and corruption at the expense of the majority. It is not yet a thousand years that Smith had declared for majority rule to be realized."

Source - Byo24News