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Zanu PF 21st movement celebration to honour the colonialists

by Stephen Jakes
03 Feb 2017 at 05:06hrs | Views
MDC officials Descent Collins Bajila has expressed reservations that the move by Zanu PF to hold its 21st movement celebrations in honour of President Robert Mugabe's birthday at the Rhodes Estate Preparatory School in Matopo shows how the ruling party wanted to honour the colonialists who supported the party when it butchered Ndebeles during Gukurahundi in the 1980s.

Bajila said after the announcement that the 93rd birthday of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe will be held at Cecil John Rhodes Estate Preparatory School, known as REPS, he have revisited the archives for a further reading of the Last Will and Testament of Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes, the late Prime Minister of the Cape Colony.

"My interest is on relating the foundations of the 21st February Movement (celebrating Mugabe) and REPS (honouring the wishes of Rhodes). I believe that society must always question things before, during and after they have happened. If man has questioned God, what more of fellow men," he said.

"Those willing to justify must also be accorded the opportunity to do so.There are two ironies so far. The first is that a whole bunch of fully grown men and women with hairy armpits decides that the best place to celebrate the birthday of a supposed Pan Africanist icon is a school built in honour of the wishes of a grand colonialist who died in Muzeinberg, South of Cape Town and had to be ferried by blacks on a scotch cart for his chosen place of burial in Matopo Hills, South of Bulawayo- about 2 300km apart. Shouldn't Pan Africanism take the world to better places with better infrastructure built in honour of liberators and decolonialists?"

He said the second is that a proudly homophobic Robert Mugabe will find himself celebrating his great day at a boys school built in honour of a man who, because he never married but had many close male friends, is alleged to be gay.

Source - Byo24News