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Bev challenges everyone for HIV test, 'Handikechekese ini'

by Staff reporter
04 Feb 2017 at 13:46hrs | Views

CELEBRITY dancer Beverly Sibanda has slammed people who are describing Andy Muridzo as a HERO for having unprotected sex with her.

The 25-year-old says she has a sex life despite being known for her dirty dancing.

Social media users have been castigating Muridzo describing him as a 'dead man walking'.

He admitted to having a love affair with Bev, questioning the latter's health.

This was after H-Metro exclusively published a story which Bev was claiming to be pregnant by Andy Muridzo.

Some of the jokes on social media include, "Zimbabwe has gone for years without a hangman while we have brave man like Andy Muridzo."

Bev, however, said she is not bothered by people who think she is HIV positive because of the nature of her job.

"I don't mind, I have seen those jokes on WhatsApp but people need to be reminded that Andy (Muridzo) is safe as far as I am concerned.

"I can challenge anyone to go for tests (HIV). People need to get a life, shame. I am not the type of person who loses sleep with such issues.

"I am now used to name calling since the day I chose to be a dancer, the same happened to Sandra Ndebele," she said.

The Sexy Angels leader said she is among the 'safe' women in town.

She said it is not surprising that some of the people who are making 'unnecessary' noise are actually the dangerous to have unprotected sex with.

"Ndosaka varume vachifa, don't judge book by its cover. Manje pavanopinda vachiti paribho ndopanotouraya. Very sorry to people who are saying Bev anouraya, venyu ndovanouraya.

"People also need to be reminded that I don't engage in unprotected sex with anyone, I do that with my boyfriend and I date a man I want," said Bev.

People should learn separate dancing from prostitution, argued Bev.

"I am a dancer not a prostitute. Handikechekese ini, I am not a bi***I am different from other dancers you know.

"Ask people who stay at my flat if they ever saw me coming with different men. You can even ask some of the people I once dated kuti ndakambovadhumanisa here, you know them. People should get a life and mind their own business," she fumed.

The outspoken dancer said the public also think Andy Muridzo is a dunderhead who risks his life by fishing from a dangerous pond.

"Like seriously, people think that Andy is that silly to have unprotected sex with a person who is not safe.

"So people think that I am stupid kurohwa yakadero nemunhu wandisingazivi status yake. I am very responsible and I even discourage unprotected sex if you don't know the status of your partner. Open your yes hey.

"You were not here (her apartment) when we (herself and Andy Muridzo) requested to go for tests first before we had sex. Do you know that it is a criminal offence to go public saying that someone is HIV positive? People concluded that with their jokes on social media," she said.

Bev said people should also know she is not the one who proposes love but several men stalk her and she chooses who to date.


"It is my choice and I don't think that I will stop dating musicians as long as they approach me.

"However, I turn down most of them."

In her parting shots, she warned Andy Muridzo that he risks angering those who invented the calendar by equating last week with last year.

Bev made the remarks after Andy Muridzo told H-Metro that his affair with Bev ended last year and it is now water under the bridge.

"Kana vakagadzira calendar vakazvinzwa vanorwadizwa. He was here Monday last week and he goes public saying he last came here last year, asika.

"He dodged the Jam Session and came to spend time with me here. I told you when you on your first story that he needs to be careful in whatever he says. And I repeat he needs to be truthful," she said.

And to those who doubt her pregnancy after revelations that Depo Provera works for three months not five years she said, "If I am not mistaken I told you that it is Jadelle that expired not Depo Provera. Maybe we failed to understand each other on that. If you want to feel it (Jadelle) you are free."

Meanwhile, Andy Muridzo has released a song titled Ndirege Ndiende which is believed to be targeting Bev.

Goes part of the lyrics, "WeMuridzo woyee, ndirege ndinange kumba ndanonoka mai vanodya marasha vane hasha nguva dzaenda . . . . mmm usandishusha urizera ramai vangu iweee."

Source - h-metro