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ZimFirst leader Mocks pastor over Mugabe death prophesy

by Stephen Jakes
09 Feb 2017 at 05:39hrs | Views
ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has mocked Pastor Philip Mugadza over his prophesy that President Robert Mugabe will died this year on October 17.

"Hypocritical Nation, Pastor Mugadza, An assuming Pastor with no national or international recognition makes his prophecy that the head of everything in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe, will finally meet his maker this year. Whether the prophecy is bogus or not Presidents worth their salt should laugh it off,"Shumba said.

"Mugabe does not die because Pastor Mugadza said so. He will die when his day arrives period. How many people say things on the pulpit or off it and should Presidents be overly worried with the words of people they call commoners? Not at all. Today the Pastor is behind bars (don't touch mi anointed! they say) probably in the notorious Chikurubi's D section with Rogue. No one knows where he is and how his situation is and to make matters worse still, the vanguards of human rights , those who receive funding from donors to fight for the human rights of the down and trodden are silent on his case."

"We have to admit it as citizens of this landlocked country that we are cut from the same selfish cloth with Mugabe. We do desperately need transformational change on the issue of selfishness."

He said Mugabe wants fame.

"We want it too. He attends every tid bitty conference that there is so that the press can cover him. We are doing the same. We are all over Roque because he can get us 'likes' on our posts if we mention his name. Shame on us. We have become noise makers when it helps our agenda. We are never for the real and genuine need to save the needy ones. What is the difference between the bestacled flag wearing Roque Santiero and Pastor Mugadza?, if I may ask. Why are the two's human rights not equated? Shame on us," he said.

"Roque Santiero left Yankeeland in a well orchestrated move (leaving wife and kid well cushioned in Yankee-land) to go on a well timed photo op mission that was designed to capture the imagination of the gullible and catapult him into national political leadership of some sort. That is given. On the same note Pastor Mugadza sought to publicize a prophecy on an issue that is the heart and soul of our nation and it captured headlines nationally but not enough to attract the attention of those who give funding to human rights defending NGO organizations. He is languishing in jail totally forgets and his his case ignored."

He said on another note: "Here is my take- The solution to a better Zimbabwe will neither be borne out of people who push moneygame agendas nor directionless political adventures. The solution lies in us understanding that well thought out activities that put on the forefront our national interest to be economic and politically free is paramount. People can wear flags all they want or speak eloquently about the same things about Mugabe and Zimbabwe which have been said by others over and over again but that will not lead to a sustainable solution fir the country. It just leads us into a cul de sac. Roque is a distraction,agreed, despite that let's help out Pastor Mugadza the same way we are helping Roque, false prophecy or not, he deserves to be free and deserves our support. Let's stop being hypocritical. Lets stand up for Pastor Mugadza. Is he different from Pastor Roque? In fact let's stand with all political prisoners of the Mugabe regime without discrimination."

Source - Byo24News