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MDC is an idea which cannot be erased- Tapiwa Mashakada

by Stephen Jakes
13 Feb 2017 at 05:36hrs | Views
MDC-T senior official Tapiwa Mashakada has warned  critic that his party is an idea which cannot be erased and those who think it will collapse are day dreaming.

He said people power and mass line has brought the MDCT this far.

"But most importantly the Grace of the Lord. No weapon fashioned against Morgan Tsvangirai and MDCT has succeeded. MDC is an idea which cannot be erased. Many people died, injured or were forced into exile because they supported the MDC. What would these people have died for?" he said.

"The democratic struggle cannot be in vain. Victory has been denied and delayed but we are unstoppable. Even prisons have not weakened our resolve. Leading a formidable opposition is not an easy thing to do There are setbacks and landmines along the way. We salute Morgan Tsvangirai being the pathfinder of effective opposition in Zimbabwe. MDCT has a compendium of economic and social policies to turn around the economy."

He said as Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs he would be so glad to answer any policy related questions especially from those nay sayers who accuse them of not having alternative policies.

"Of course they say that with a condescending attitude but we are ready to prove that we have policies and ready to govern. I can give you the nuts and bolts including sound bites of our economic and social policies from land, health, education, indigenization, fiscal and monetary policies, trade, industry, agriculture, transformation, women and youth. You name it. And none other than advocate Nelson Chamisa is responsible for our policy trajectory guided by our visionary leader, Morgan Tsvangirai. MDC T has policy Secretaries in all spheres of the economy. But for change to be achieved people must register to vote. After voting people must protect the vote," he said.

Source - Byo24News