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Olinda in miscarriage agony

by Staff reporter
15 Feb 2017 at 17:59hrs | Views

THE Stunner-Olinda drama seemingly came to an end yesterday but with his ex-wife claiming on Facebook Live that she was carrying Stunner's baby and suffered a miscarriage when she found out he had cheated on her.

H-Metro were on set as she spoke to Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa in a Facebook Live interview.

Olinda said she would not respond the same way to Stunner's cheating as going live on Facebook led to a miscarriage.

"What people did not know, including Desmond, I only told him the day before yesterday, is that during the time I was live on Facebook the first time, I suffered a miscarriage on that day. I started bleeding whilst still live on Facebook and there was blood all over and it is something that I would do differently," said Olinda.

"My cousins were there and they had to clean me up, put me in the bath and everything."

Olinda said the pregnancy was not planned and she had not told Stunner about it as she did not want him to decide to stay with her out of pity or because of her pregnancy.

She also did not tell Stunner that she had miscarried but confirmed that stunner told her he already knew about the miscarriage from someone who informed him.

Olinda has gone live on Facebook each time she had a misunderstanding with Stunner and the main cause of their fights has been Dion, an 18-year-old girl that Stunner allegedly cheated with.

Asked why she did not solve her affairs with her husband in private, Olinda said she went public because she wanted to hurt Stunner's reputation,

"I knew I was gonna hurt him where it hurts the most," she said.
Olinda stated that she got into her marriage with Stunner carrying "anger from 10 years of misery" from her previous marriage where her ex-husband cheated on her with "at least 18 different women" in less than one year.

"I was married before, for a good 10 years. My ex-husband cheated on me at least 18 times with 18 different women between January 2007 and October 2007. For 10 years I was quiet and I spent 10 years of my life being miserable, being completely unhappy," she said.

Olinda added that she could not be in a marriage where there was a repetition of the same things that made her life miserable for 10 years.

"It does not work, I have been there. I know what I am talking about.

"What was the point getting into another marriage and still tolerate the things I left the other marriage for?"

However, Olinda insists Stunner loves her despite all that has happened between them over the last few weeks. Asked whether Stunner loves her she replied,

"I think he does, to be honest, despite everything that happened. The last two days, we were up to about 3:30am on the sofa talking . . ."

Olinda admitted she pampered Stunner with money for a reason as he was good to her and her two children,

"Desmond has been a great dad to my children, last instagram picture he posted he was with my boy (son). The youngest child is oblivious to all these (fights) and when I say I'm going to Zimbabwe (the child) asks, ‘Are you going to see daddy? Are you going to be swimming with daddy?"

However, what infuriates Olinda is the fact that Stunner would take her oldest boy to see Dion, a girl he was cheating with.

"I had my oldest son when I was 17 and I basically grew up with him. And right now, he is very angry. He is angry at this man! I have got pictures in my phone of this Dion girl, with my son. These are some of the things that triggered my anger.

"Desmond was taking my son to these girls and they are his age. At some point, my son actually thought he had met girlfriend material in this girl and I have got pictures of this girl with my son. Imagine in this society that we live in. Dai ndakatora mwana wakemusikana ndakaenda kuchikomba ?

"And the recent thing that happened of this snapchat of (Stunner) grabbing (Dion's) thighs, that was not sent to me. That was sent to my son, so he is really angry."

On the issue of trying to look like Pokello, especially the hairstyle, Olinda had this to say:

"I do not think so. Four years of my High School I had this haircut, my friends know that I had a haircut like this for four years. Three years ago, if you go on my Instagram the pictures, I had a hairstyle like this so this is not about looking like Pokello. I have owned this way before she even had it. But you know what, let me tell you something, the woman has got style and I am not one to pull another woman down just to make myself feel good. She looks good in her clothes, she dresses well …

However, Olinda said Pokello has gone out of line a couple of times.

"The Thursday before we got married, she sent a text to Des and he was taken aback and he was like Pokello is texting me and the text was like ‘wangu, I heard you are getting married this weekend and he said its none of your business, please don't text me and she continued and said it ought you said you were done . . . and I thought that for somebody (Pokello) that was somebody's wife, that was a little bit disrespectful on my relationship, on me as a woman from another woman who is somebody else's wife.

She shouldn't have done that.

"And then the other instance a friend of Pokello was in the same salon as I was and I was talking to my mother in law (Stunner's mother) and that friend listened to the conversation and told Pokello. Pokello picks up the phone and tells Desmond the whole conversation I was having with my mother in law . . . and I just thought woman, why can't you stay the hell out of my life?"

Olinda also said Stunner's friends are inboxing her to take over from where he left after she was asked how she will handle the men after her,

"Good lord, my inbox!

"And you know what's even worse, vari pa number one pacho. The ones that were running into my inbox– shamwari dza Desmond! . . . and it's quite disgusting!"

Olinda promised that there won't be any more drama on social media and the interview yesterday would be her last appearance on platforms like Facebook Live. She also agreed with a follower of the programme that she needs serious therapy.

"…Des has been wonderful enough the last two days to answer each and every question because when a man cheats …you want to know how, when, did he take his clothes off, did he kiss her. These are the questions –as crazy as they sound –we ask because we want to know as women…"

Source - hmetro