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Man suffers 10-day erection after bedding married woman

by Staff reporter
10 Mar 2017 at 11:52hrs | Views

A MASVINGO man reportedly suffered an long erection and swollen testicles for 10 days after he allegedly slept with a married woman believed to be "fenced" with a spell traditionally known as ulunyoka/runyoka.

According to reports, Andrew Chikati from Danda village in Ndanga area, Masvingo started experiencing a prolonged and painful erection after he allegedly had sex with a married woman only identified as Mai Sharai.

Mai Sharai is an airtime vendor at Ndanga Business Centre while her husband works in Chiredzi.

The agonising incident happened two weeks ago and is still talk of the area.

So painful was the experience that a married Chikati could not walk or sleep at night.

Although Chikati could not be located for comment Chief Ndanga whose jurisdiction the area falls under confirmed it.

"Although I don't have full details of what really transpired I just heard about the incident. The parties didn't approach my court for help and I think the reason why they did so was because the husband agreed to remove the spell.

"Meanwhile, cases of this nature are rampant here where people,  mostly men, suffer from abnormal conditions like swollen privates, stomach and hands after sleeping with married women. This is just a warning that people should desist from sleeping with someone who is married," said Chief Ndanga.

It is reported that before he confessed to his family that he had sex with a married woman they tried to seek help at Ndanga Hospital where nurses later advised them to seek help from traditional healers.

According to a source from the area while in hospital Chikati was reportedly writhing in agony.

"They tried putting an ice pack on his privates, while sitting in a bath with some ice and having his erect manhood tucked into a belt but that didn't help.

"The condition only improved after they engaged Mai Sharai's husband through his relatives and he demanded a beast and goat to have him cured.

"At first the husband refused to entertain Chikati's relatives until his parents intervened and pleaded with him to unlock Chikati after he agreed to pay a beast and goat," said the source who chose to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

Source - b-metro

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