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Zanu PF and blatant attempt to steal 2018 election

by Stephen Jakes
20 Mar 2017 at 05:55hrs | Views
The ruling Zanu PF has been blamed for making efforts to steal the 2018 elections through the take over of the procurement of the Biometric Voter registration kits .

Also the opposition Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe Leader Elton Mangoma has come under fire for seemingly endorsing the move.

"It is with deep regret that pseudo-politicians who carry the opposition tag like Elton Mangoma have decided to be featured in the Herald Newspaper to lend credibility to the charade of subverting people's wills through discrediting BVR, something that has never been done before," said an opposition supporter.

 "It is even more laughable as to where he got the chutzpah to speak authoritatively on the subject. Hardly before the BVR kits have been procured, the agents of doom have already seen that technology will sound the death knell to their rigging ways. They now rope in tired old voices of Simbi Mubako and Mangoma to create a fictitious need for disallowing Bio Metric Voting. It is not lost on the populace that the Voters Roll has always been the ruling party's personal database for subjugating people's collective right to freely choose their leaders."

He said dead people, centenarians and eight year olds found themselves voting in large numbers across the country, ostensibly for the ruling party.

"Now, bio-metric registration will ensure that only a living, sane, and eligible person will be captured. That doesn't bode well with Zanu Pf. They now cite ruralism as an excuse. Where in Zimbabwe today don't we have cellphone/ internet coverage? The genuine opposition has to make sure that BVR goes ahead with no interference," he said.

"The same way people have rejected unconstitutional constitutional amendments should suffice for this. As for Elton Mangoma and his delusional reasoning it is unfortunate. This idea of tampering, skullduggery, manipulation and scaremongering has always been there, as well as rigging. Zanu Pf has vehemently argued over the years that it doesn't rig, and it is worthy noting why they are developing cold feet."

He said technology cannot be rigged and it goes through complex fail safe systems, servers and administrators.

"That way you have a guarantee that any glitch in the system is arrested and isolated. Zanu doesn't want a system it cant manipulate hence their clarion call to stifle BVR. It will not work. I pity politicians in the opposition who side with the myopia of old dinosaurs in Zanu Pf who still believe in rigging," he said.

"The country is tired of them. We will go BVR no matter what. It seems their preferred suppliers have failed to make the grade in the procurement process hence their capitulation. One week they have found money to procure kits, the next they don't want the system. Its not a shame to admit we are broke. We cannot afford to buy the kits, but are too stubborn to accept reality. Let UNDP procure them and let the end games begin."

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